ASTN makes an intimate and purposeful comeback through his EP “It’s Not That Serious”.

It’s no secret that Filipinos love music and are always in the pursuit to find something new to discover. Today, the spotlight falls on 22-year old Florida native ASTN with the Philippines being one of the top locations of streams in South East Asia.  ASTN has wooed his listeners with his sultry, indie-R&B pop style of music. His debut EP “Tell All Your Friends” amassed a loyal and engaged fanbase which has now blossomed into 500K monthly listeners in Spotify and has received over 19 million streams to date on his “Flower” single alone.

ASTN has explored various genres of music in the hopes to find one that resonates with him the most and apart of his process was to take a small hiatus to allow himself to grow and mature in his music, gain perspective and work on his craft. Now, he is ready to show the world what he can do and take the next step by releasing his latest EP “It’s Not That Serious”.

The 5-track EP is a refined body of work, highlighting ASTN’s silky vocals, intimate lyrics, and cultivated sound. Listeners can expect to experience first hand ASTN’s journey in growth and figuring things out in life. He wants to portray that hardships happen for a reason and that in the end, it will always work out.

Created in a year and a half, ASTN embraces beautifully who he is in “It’s Not That Serious” and showcases his acceptance of life for what it is and that feelings change and people grow but life moves on. Accompanied with wavy guitar strings and sultry vocals, the focus track of the EP is titled “LA DON’T LOOK GOOD ON U”, a hymn about the lifestyle he has associated upon moving to the city. Currently the MV has garnered over 341K views on YouTube. 

With over 24.2K followers on Instagram and 96.9K followers on TikTok, ASTN reminds his followers through his own brand of pop music that life is journey and our one job is to enjoy it.

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