Phi Palmos does ensemble work in Dekada '70
Phi Palmos does ensemble work in Dekada ’70 the musical

Phi Palmos who is currently doing ensemble work in the musical adaptation of Lualhati Bautista’s “Dekada’70” recently recorded an episode of PalabasTayo’s Wishlist. He performed excerpts of three of his ultimate favorite songs from “Thumbelina”, “Once on This Island”, and “Zanna, Don’t!” accompanied by Daphne Cabaguio Jocson.

He revealed that his first song was composed by American balladeer, Barry Manilow. Not too many know that the man who popularized numerous songs including “Mandy”, “Can’t Smile Without You” and “Copacabana” have written songs for the animated film, “Thumbelina”.

When he was rehearsing the song “Soon”, he discovered that it actually has additional lyrics which are not in the film. He also was pleasantly surprised that it climaxed to a higher key.

For his second song, Phi said that “there is a wave of blind casting in Broadway”. Casters recently do not focus on the performer’s gender anymore but on their ability to carry the role. He adds, “one of the most famous ones is the casting of Alex Newell as Asaka in “Once on this Island”. Other producers followed suit as we see in the casting of MJ Rodriguez in Alan Menken & Howard Ashman’s “Little Shop of Horrors”. In Phi’s second song, he gives his own flavor to the very fun “Mama Will Provide”.

For his third and final song, he puts aside his falsetto voice and instead uses his chest tones to sing a cut from the heartbreaking “Someday You Might Love Me”, originally sung by Jai Rodriguez in “Zanna, Don’t!” Phi believes that now is the best time to restage this musical because it reminds us of empathy and our own common humanity.

Below is the YouTube video of Phi Palmos’ guesting on PalabasTayo WishList.

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