In celebration of Pride Month, Barefoot Theatre Collaborative launches Pride Plays, a platform centered on LGBTQIA+ narratives. Pride Plays begins with two productions: Mikaela Regis’ UNICA HIJAS and Floy Quintos’ LARO — supported by other talks and sessions related to LGBTQIA+, the theatre, and other arts.

There are many LGBTQIA+ stories that need to be told. PRIDE PLAYS begins with UNICA HIJAS, a play by and for the lesbian and queer community, and LARO, a play by and for the gay and queer community.

UNICA HIJAS is written by Mikaela Regis about two girls who are called into the principal’s office after they were caught by a nun in an almost-kiss. With less than an hour left until their future is decided, the two are forced to confront each other, their past, present, and their own selves.

Pride Plays

Unica Hijas which runs for 35 minutes features Ash Nicanor as Mitch and Joy delos Santos as Nikki (Paun Benitez is Swing for both roles) under the direction of Gawad Buhay Awardee, Pat Valera.

LARO is a reimagination of Arthur Schnitzler’s LA RONDE, now set in Manila. It was last staged in June 2019 under Artist Playground.

In Floy Quintos’ LARO, gay relationships are examined through a merry-go-round of love, desire, and lust. Ten characters through ten vignettes spin and turn as truths and pains are revealed.      

The 1 hour and 30-minute play directed by John Mark Yap features Phi Palmos (Ang Drag Queen), Gio Gahol (Ang Pulis), Jojo Cayabyab (Ang Pilantropo), Al Gatmaitan (Ang Ideal), Mike Liwag (Ang Manggagamit), Ross Pesigan (Ang Call Boy), Noel Escondo (Ang Manunulat), Andre Miguel (Ang Modelo), Shaun Ocrisma (Ang Kalaguyo), Jeremy Mayores (Ang Estudyante). It also has Lawrence Miranda, Nathan Molina, DM Lee, and Andre Cruz in the Ensemble together with Almond Bolante, Jel Tarun, and Allen Amoguis as Swings/Standbys.

Pride Plays will only have 10 shows at Power Mac Center in Circuit Makati and is strictly for 18 years old and above.


  • JUNE 10 (3PM & 8PM)
  • JUNE 11 (8PM)
  • JUNE 16 (8PM)
  • JUNE 17 (3PM & 8PM)
  • JUNE 18 (3PM & 8PM)
  • JUNE 23 (8PM)
  • JUNE 25 (3PM)

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