Marking the initial London performances of “Dear Evan Hansen“, the show posted on YouTube a special video where four handsome Evans sing For Forever. It begins with a solo by Sam Tutty who plays Evan in the West End. He is then joined individually by three other actors currently playing the title role in four different productions all over the world. Andrew Barth Feldman on Broadway, Stephen Christopher Anthony for the National Tour, and Robert Markus in Toronto.

With vocal arrangement by Alex Lacamoire and a single guitar accompaniment arranged by Dillon Kondor, the four Evans demonstrate such powerful storytelling as they heartfeltly sang about their very beautiful friendship. There’s just something about the way these Evans sing to each other – so much affection and truth that you wish you were there singing with them.

“For Forever”, composed by award-winning songwriter duo, Benj Pasek and Justin Paul always gives us the feels. It reminds us of our special relationship with our friends. We make time out of our busy schedules to hang out, go on road trips, eat junk food, sing favorite songs, laugh at inside jokes, and promise to pick each other up. Everything seems to be perfect and you’d both wish that it never ends. Sadly, we are reminded too, just like in the show, sometimes all these things are just in your head.

Oh, the gift of friendship, and oh the gift of this musical! On behalf of, thank you, “Dear Evan Hansen”!

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