WishList Book 9 Top Performer Andrea Santos shares how Kumu helps her move on and continue loving life. See full article below.

Kumu helps Andrea Santos
Andrea Santos

Without a doubt, the COVID-19 pandemic has drastically changed the way we live today. It has affected the way we study, work, shop, and create things, wherein we have become more dependent on the internet. The pandemic has also introduced many challenges to not only our physical health but also to our mental and financial wellness.

Kumu streamer Andrea Santos (Deng) is no different from many of us who have encountered difficulties amid the pandemic and, at the same time, used it as an opportunity to grow.

Deng first encountered Kumu when she downloaded the app in 2019 and joined an online competition on the platform hosted by ABS-CBN Star Hunt. Through the process, she had earned a Kumu Bluecheck and ended top 30 in the contest. Deng eventually had to focus more on work due to a corporate job.

Then, the COVID-19 pandemic came. Deng was compelled to work from home. At first, it was an unfamiliar arrangement for her but she eventually found it tiresome so she opened her Kumu app again just to discover that the Bluecheck was no longer there. Keeping the badge requires you to be consistent in creating relevant content on the platform.

In August 2020, Deng was informed that she had to go back to the office. She chose to stay working at home but the company insisted that everyone must work at the base amid the pandemic. Deng lost her job in the process, which gave her more time to focus on creating content on Kumu.

But another challenge hit Deng when her father was confined in the hospital in September. Her father was immediately considered as a person under investigation due to COVID-19 and eventually passed away after two weeks. Deng and her family were also tested positive for COVID-19. It was a gloomy phase in life for Deng that she had lost interest in doing things and even some of her friends.

While browsing through Kumu, Deng got a chance to come across a worship stream hosted by JayFam. “At that moment, I felt that I’m back on track and started praying, asking the Lord to revive my will to live,” she shared. While not totally healed, Deng confessed that she is now in a better condition, knowing that she has a purpose each day. 

Deng began streaming and participating again in singing contests. She has become more thankful for having her family (her mom and five younger siblings) and JayFam for their continuous support. “They never gave up on me during the time when I was already giving up on myself,” she said.

Deng eventually learned about PalabasTayo’s talent showcase. When she took part in the audition, she never thought that she would be chosen. She even planned to back out from the audition but proceeded to finish until the end of that month’s showcase where she emerged as the Top Performer. She admitted that her “Wishlist Book 9” experience with PalabasTayo boosted her morale and inspired her to learn and study more songs.

For Deng, Kumu served as a great training ground for her to polish her hosting and singing skills, in addition to the training that she had at church since she was 10. Now 29, Deng is hoping that once the pandemic is over, she will have an opportunity to maximize her experiences on the platform. Follow Deng on her Kumu account @iamdengpot.

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