Pinoy hip-hop artist Jimmy Pablo drops his latest single “Thanks For Nothing” published under the Eastbound record label.

A follow-up to “I Can’t Tell” released last November 2020, he wrote this very personal new single for about a week in January this year. In an interview via Instagram, Jimmy shares that “‘Thanks for Nothing’ is about his struggle and journey through the music industry as an independent, being able to keep up despite having to compete with artists that have “big money” backing.” Listen to it below.

Jimmy is currently based in the US and has been performing since 2016 with his trademark Trap Hip-Hop, Feel Good music, and High Energy Hustle Hip-Hop sound. A verified Kumu streamer and a verified artist on Spotify, he has performed for Wish 107.5 USA and is most known for his song “ICE” in collaboration with ACDMND$ which currently has 19 million views on YouTube and 5 million streams on Spotify. His other hit songs include “No Doubt” and “Drippin’ Drippin’”.


Yeah, go bounce on this//
Gotta homie push packs throw an ounce on this//
Micheal buffer go announce on this//
Halfway 'round the world man still on the list//
Got the plug, and I'm still the connect//
Same squad from middle school and that is correct//
And we come for the check, and we come for the neck//
And I need my trophies so I'm here to collect//
Overdue, things are overdue//
Golden Gate Bridge no roof inna coup//
Rooftop parties in Manila and Cebu//
Wake up inna villa and I swear there was two//

Yeah, Thanks for nuthin//
I'll build my own light to the point that I'm stunnin//
Thanks for nuthin//
I'll feature myself, on a magazine I'm runnin//
Thanks for nuthin//
I don't need a bank, if I got my own fundin//
Thanks for nuthin//
They telling me they fam I remember they be buggin//

What can you do that I can't//
Already plugged in got a wire to the bank//
They said they wna slice of me, you gonna hustle//
Cause if they aint doin nuthin, give me a muzzle//
--Working too hard cant out work me//
Imma be the judge and jury//
I need the whole team to have jewelry//
they dont want my shine they tryna hurt me//

Yeah, go bounce to this
Gotta homie push packs throw an ounce on this//
Micheal buffer go announce on this//
Halfway 'round the world man and I'm still on the list//

Financial support is very important to all art forms. Independent artists sometimes struggle with this but still push on with their passion. Jimmy adds, “My inspiration is the fact that there are other artists that have a lot more resources than I do. Imagining what I can do with that resource and showing other artists that they can compete with those artists as long as they are passionate and have the creative solutions to go along with it.”

Watch out for the music video of “Thanks For Nothing” which will be released in a few weeks.

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