Dick Talk, the much talked about play by V-Roll Media Ventures is coming for a second round this June or July 2023 depending on the common availability of the actors. After the final show where the cast surprised the audience by dropping their pants during the curtain call, V-Roll CEO Eboy Vinarao Jr. confirmed that the show will indeed have a rerun.

“There’s no specific performance indicator. Though, the overwhelming good reviews from the majority of people (including those really very important people) who saw the play were a big push why we got to this decision”, says Vinarao.

He confessed however that it’s all part of the plan. Since V-Roll Media Ventures is a young company and a new player in the theater scene, they needed to prove what they can put together for the stage and the taste of its discerning audience. Vinarao shares, “We knew from the start that we are introducing a new brand and for this new brand to work, we know that people should see it first before we get to make everyone believe in what we are offering. We were able to achieve that because now people are saying it needs more shows for more people to see it. So yes, the next run is surely cumming our way, and shall cum real soon”.

In partnership with Trifecta Brand Lab, Marikit Artist Management, and CMB Films, Dick Talk bravely ignited eye-opening, titillating, and provocative discussions on how the male genitalia remains to be the core from which the centrifugal force of masculinity and manhood emanates and how it affects relationships across all genders. It starred Jake Cuenca as Peter North Teves, Mikoy Morales as Maria Cecile, Gold Aceron as Junjun, Archi Adamos as Doods Mortiz, and Nil Nodalo as Rob Robles under the direction of Phil Noble.

Dick Talk
Mikoy Morales as Cecil in Dick Talk (Photo Credit: V-Roll Media Ventures)

The play showcased committed performances from each actor as they went hard and deep with their respective dick monologues. Mikoy Morales’ dick however, was figuratively the best-smelling of all in the show. His interpretation of the character of Cecile who was dumped by his ex-girlfriends for having a dick that smelled like Victoria’s Secret “Bombshell” and for wanting the color “dusk pink” for his wedding was very natural, relatable, and heart-piercing. We will not be surprised if Morales gets a nod from award-giving bodies next year.

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