They say music transcends all languages. Sometimes, however, music between two people can turn dissonant and quite unbearable. Trust is lost and you wonder if you’ll ever hear music that recaptures and repairs a lover’s broken heart.

EJ de Barras an interior designer, music producer, and singer-songwriter based in New York, met Ariel on Facebook – a Florida-based Filipina from his hometown in the Philippines. After a year of courtship, they have officially become an online couple. They physically met for the first time at JFK Airport in New York on her way to a vacation in the PH. They kept in constant communication and saw each other again when she returned to Florida.

EJ de Barras has music that recaptures a lover's heart

Going Off-Key

Distance makes the heart grow fonder but being a thousand miles from each other proved unfortunate for EJ and Ariel. In a recent Kumu livestream, EJ confessed that because of the long-distance, he gave in to his need for physical attention. Ariel sensed it so when she asked him about the third party, he admitted “I needed hugs and kisses so I found another girl who was closer to me and decided to take the path towards her instead of Ariel.” Despite the quarrels about the cheating, she understood the situation. They laughed it off and mutually agreed to break up happily.

Reprieve and reprise

Two years after the separation, Ariel was supporting a friend in an online campaign. She never thought that EJ will see her there and lead to reconnecting with each other. The crooner who plays the guitar, piano, drums, and bass said, “I knew regaining her trust would not be easy because everything seemed fragile after what I did. After owning up to my mistakes, I decided to court her all over again and give her my utmost honesty.” Ariel still lives in Orlando but “now that we’re back together, I make sure that I am there for her all the time because not everyone gets a second chance and I am just lucky that she gave me that.” EJ added.

EJ recently shot a Wishlist segment which includes a song he wants to sing at his wedding and one that he wrote for Ariel.

The Promise

In the same Kumu stream, Jovan Samonte a close friend of the couple surprised EJ and shared with him the things he learned as a married man: trust, communication, quality time together, laughter, and generosity. He said that being committed to each other, being open regardless of the situation, and being grateful will help make the relationship work.

EJ promised Ariel in front of their online friends and supporters saying, “You know who I am. I really like your surprises that never gets old. I promise I’ll be true to you. I promise to take good care of you and I promise to love you more and more each day. Every story has a happy ending. You are my happy ending!” To the delight of the viewers, EJ followed that promise with a live performance of “Beautiful in My Eyes” dedicated to his girlfriend.

One may have the best voice in the world but the music of a person owning up to a mistake with the sincerest repentance has a melody that rings louder and touches far deeper.

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