Despite its announcement that bids farewell to Fashion Week and decreased shows to only twice a year, we can’t help but notice the realness of the Gucci The Ritual digital campaign.

The latest campaign of the Italian fashion house was shot entirely by the models themselves who are in isolation during the quarantine. They were encouraged to act as photographers and storytellers, producers, and set designers.  #GucciTheRitual was launched with a 16-second clip featuring several models including Gustavo Cagani, Vaquel, Mae Lapres, and Gucci creative director Alessandro Michele each singing and dancing to “Alright” by Supergrass.

In a post by the official Gucci Intagram account, Alessandro Michele says “I let the models build their own images. To act as photographers and storytellers, producers and scenographers. I asked them to represent the idea they have of themselves. To go public with it, shaping the poetry that accompanies them. I encouraged them to play, improvising with their life.” 

The campaign is a brilliant solution to the global pandemic which is forcing brands to come up with interesting marketing material. Gucci tapping into the model’s creativity and highlighting them in their respective quarantined situations is genius.

Below are some of the campaign photos featuring honest and candid self-portraits of the models wearing Gucci Fall-Winter collection by Alessandro Michele.

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