Original word bracelet brand, Little Words Project®️, is taking their message of self-love and kindness on the road! First stop? Disney Springs at Walt Disney World Resort. This “Kindness Caravan” will be the brand’s 10th retail experience and first mobile shopping rig.

The limited-time pop-up will open on October 13 and will be located at Disney Springs® West Side at Walt Disney World Resort.

Little Words Project®️ is a Latina-owned brand founded by Adriana Carrig. Best known for its commitment to kindness and self-love, Little Words Project®️ has created an incredible community around one singular product––the beaded word bracelet––a style that’s seen a massive revival in the pop culture zeitgeist. The brand has welcomed a slew of celebrity fans over the years, most recently including Lance Bass whose love for the brand has garnered them national attention.

Kindness Caravan
Little Words Project – Spreading Kindness through passing on bracelets

Little Words Project’s signature beaded styles are reminiscent of those nostalgic friendship bracelets of our childhoods, but the message goes much deeper. “The words we tell ourselves matter. Our bracelets are a daily, wearable reminder to be nice to yourself. Because when you’re nice to yourself, that kindness overflows to others,” says Carrig.

Motivated by a lifetime of being outcast and put down by her peers, Carrig built the brand in 2013 with nothing but a case of beading supplies and a dream to inspire a kinder world. Ten years later, Little Words Project’s®️ wearable, shareable affirmations have catapulted from basement beading experiment to multi-million-dollar enterprise with a passionate community of supporters.

Little Words Project’s pay-it-forward mission is brought to life through each bracelet’s unique ID tag. Customers use this code to connect their bracelet to the brand’s website which gains them access to their community called “Nice Nation.” There, customers can interact with one another and track their bracelet’s movements as they are passed from person to person.

Little Words Project ® presently has brick-and-mortar retail locations in major cities across the nation including NYC, Miami, Tampa, Boston, San Francisco, and Georgetown with more to come this year.

To create a unique experience for guests at Disney Springs®️ West Side, Little Words Project®️ created a mobile shopping concept that embodies the brand’s playful, welcoming spirit.

Fans of the brand can expect to shop hundreds of Little Words®️ in all different styles across the brand’s four inclusive sizes. Fit for all ages, the Little Words®️ available are meant to bring inspiration, strength, confidence, love, and a little “magic” to each person they touch.

“We couldn’t be more grateful to be welcomed into Disney Springs for this incredible opportunity. We’re confident that the brand will resonate with the thousands of guests who visit daily — all of whom are looking for something special to commemorate their experience at ‘The Most Magical Place on Earth’,” says Adriana Carrig, Little Words Project®️ Founder & CEO.

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