Due to the overwhelming response to the launch of their virtual workshop, Atlantis Theatrical has decided to add more slots for their musical theatre program this June. Now more kids and teens can access all the fun and creativity usually present in Atlantis Theatrical’s annual workshops from the safety of their own home. 

The classes will be held from June 1 to 20, 2020, with a total of nine sessions that are one to two hours each, and a maximum of 3 students at a time to maintain the quality of instruction. Atlantis is now accepting applicants for the T-TH-S schedule. Limited slots are still available for the initial offering of M-W-F classes. Applicants for the Kids Workshop may range from 7-12 years old, while the Teens Workshop will be accepting students 13-17 years old. All workshop sessions will be conducted via Zoom.

The Atlantis Virtual Workshop aims to keep the spirit of theatre and collaboration alive in young, budding performers across the globe. The program is designed to teach kids and teens the rudiments of musical theatre, and at the same time develop creativity, self-confidence, empathy, and sociability. Students will have a blast with their peers with engaging activities such as storytelling, pantomime, basic jazz, voice lessons, and song interpretation. The virtual setting will give them an intimate and focused learning experience aided by the critically acclaimed faculty members, who have also graced local and international stages as Atlantis Theatrical’s home-grown talents.

The Atlantis Virtual Workshop will be conducted with an atmosphere of relaxed positive reinforcement, all in the spirit of spontaneity, simplicity, and fun. Slots are filling up fast, so contact Atlantis Theatrical now at info@atlantistheatrical.com or at 0917 8381534 to sign up.

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