Clothing lines have become a necessary symbol for pop superstars. Just like multi-hyphenates Beyonce, Rihanna, and Justin Timberlake who are royalties in the music and film industry, they too have a fashion brand to boot. A welcome addition to this list is Chinese K-pop star, Jackson Wang. Known as a member of the boy band Got7 and a successful solo performer, his recently launched Team Wang lifestyle label has become a K-pop-inspired fashion must-have.

Fashion Deities like Armani, Fendi, as well as Adidas all want a piece of Wang for campaigns and collaborations. He is currently spotlighted in Cartier’s recent ads but his latest projects bring his love for dressing up a notch.

Team Wang is the K-Pop inspired fashion must-have

The Team Wang brand is comprised of apparel pieces including T-shirts, sweatshirts and hoodies, and a beanie cap, in the price range of $50 and $220. The debut collection, dubbed “The Original,” will be available online and at Atelier New York.

According to a article by Obi Anyanwu, Wang unveiled the line with a virtual lookbook with an invisible model showing off the clothes. The apparel pieces have eyelets on the back of the apparel pieces that symbolize connection and cohesion, a reflection to oneself in all directions.

The article continues with the entertainer saying that Team Wang, “to me represents knowing yourself. Finding layers of yourself as your life goes on while staying true to what you believe in and what you love most then making plans and strategies over it and going toward it everyday. Team Wang spreads this message. We believe in the importance to inject enjoyment and positivity into working life by working with those who are passionate about their work. Every step towards achieving a goal is history in the making.”

Wang who took three years in putting together the brand, believes in perfection and great aesthetic coupled with teamwork. In an email to Vogue, he also says, “To me [it] isn’t just a brand or a label. It’s more of a vision or a spirit. The reason why I didn’t release before is because I didn’t want to release anything that wasn’t perfect and a total representation of my aesthetic—especially [since I’m] working with the right team that has the same energy as me, the same goals and vision.”

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