We are proud of the PalabasTayo Videos that we produce with inspiration from trends or originally conceptualized by our very own team with a little bit of backing from our friends. Below is a showcase of those videos. Please help us improve by leaving suggestions and tips.

PalabasTayo Videos

Buzz & Booze

Guests are challenged to share the latest news about their lives while answering a certain trivia. If they get it wrong, they must drink alcohol. What happens after each round is totally unplanned and may be blamed on the booze.

PalabasTayo WishList

We invite performers to sing excerpts from three of their dream roles. They perform with live accompaniment. We’ll let you in on a secret – these artists make it look so easy and effortless but they actually are nervous during the shoot as these songs are meant to inspire the next generations of performers.

Song Association

It is fun to see artists rattle their brain for at a given instant. They are given a word which they need to associate to a song. They sing a line from a sing that includes that word all within 10 seconds.

Our bumper video. We collected soundbites from our friends who are local/international thespians, directors, movie actors, recording artists, TV personalities, composers, and others to invite people to put on a show. Here is a collection of some of those interviews.

We are excited to bring our expertise and creativity to support campaigns and collabortae for marketing efforts. Let’s talk.

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