In its commitment to provide great content and to spotlight the arts and its artists, the lifestyle and entertainment portal launched “PalabasTayo Wishlist” this January. The new segment will feature performers who will share excerpts from songs they have been longing to sing. It may be a song from the role of their dreams, their favorite artist, or from a musical that they have no chance to play but want to sing anyway. They will all sing live accompanied on the piano or their own instruments if they choose to.

To welcome 2020, PalabasTayo is proud to provide the stage and give these artists the opportunity to sing their chosen songs accompanied by pianist extraordinaire, Daphne Cabaguio Jocson. PalabasTayo Wishlist is inspired by an American YouTube channel which also showcases performers’ bucket lists. What makes PalabasTayo Wishlist different is that it does not limit the list to just songs. It can also be a dramatic delivery of a soliloquy, a monologue, or a famous scene from a play.

PalabasTayo WishList
Reb Atadero and his PalabasTayo Wishlist

We are honored to announce that artists are very excited and generous to share their lists, and more importantly, their precious talents. We have approached big performers and stalwarts and we are flabbergasted that they easily said yes. Some are also happy to include it in their schedules. The first episodes which will start streaming in January 2020 will feature theater veterans Cris Villonco, Reb Atadero, theater darling Gab Pangilinan who has been referred to as the next theater superstar, and one of the biggest theater discoveries, Giob Rodriguez. Stay glued to PalabasTayo to find out the next amazing artists who will join PalabasTayo Wishlist.

PalabasTayo WishList’s Pilot Episode

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