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Friday, March 31, 2023
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Mnor Madamesila: Kumu, theater, TV, and more!

Kumu live streamer Marynor "Mnor" Therese Madamesila is unstoppable that even amid the COVID-19 pandemic, which has been battering the entertainment industry...

OPEN HOUSE: Online Fundraising for the Performing Arts

PalabasTayo reached out to the people behind OPEN HOUSE, to know more about the online fundraising project for the benefit of the...

ADVISORY: Theater in the time of COVID-19

Amidst the uncertainty faced by the country as new COVID-19 cases are discovered, prudence will always dictate that staying at home and...

PalabasTayo Videos are all produced in-house

We are proud of the PalabasTayo Videos that we produce with inspiration from trends or originally conceptualized by our very own team...

Theater Stars sing Christmas Songs

Christmas is just a few days away and some are probably done hearing "whenever I see girls and boys singing lanterns on...

Lam-Ang Demands and Deserves Your Attention

We caught the open TDR for TP's latest musical offering. Read and find out why LAM-ANG demands and deserves your attention.

Tickets for Matilda the Musical Manila now on sale

Photo Credit: Ticket World Tickets for Matilda The Musical in Manila are now on sale at Ticket World....

Pinay Amélie in the UK tour of the Musical

Charley Magalit, Pinay cover of the lead role in Amelie the Musical (UK Tour) PalabasTayo is honored to...

Joanna Ampil is explosive as Grizabella in CATS Manila

We caught Joanna Ampil in a very explosive portrayal of a glamour cat. Grizabella's iconic song, "Memory"

Jagged Little Pill the Musical debuts on Broadway

The musical inspired by Alanis Morisette's groundbreaking album, "Jagged Little Pill" has finally raised its curtains to Broadway audiences.