ECKŌ UNLTD Celebrates 30th Year

Launches Limited-Edition Capsule Collection Designed by Founder


The original streetwear brand, ECKŌ UNLTD. is announcing the celebration of the brand’s milestone 30th anniversary with a limited-edition capsule collection, a re-release of classic archival pieces, a content series, and an exclusive pop-up experience. To commemorate the milestone anniversary, the ECKŌ UNLTD brand is reuniting with its co-founder and creator, streetwear icon Marc Eckō for the collaborative capsule collection entitled “” which will pay tribute to the “World Famous Rhino Brand”, the year it was created and the future of the brand. The limited-edition collections will be available at on November 16th.

As the original streetwear brand, the ECKŌ UNLTD. brand began on the streets, where the city acted as a canvas for artists and rebels to express their truth. Represented by the iconic rhino, a symbol of perseverance and survival, ECKŌ UNLTD became a nucleus of street culture by spotlighting art, graffiti, hip-hop music, and the surrounding community. Worn by legends such as Eminem, 50 Cent, and Fat Joe, ECKŌ UNLTD. has maintained its place as a powerful globally recognized brand for 30 years.

Limited-Edition Capsule Collection Designed by Founder Marc Eckō

“Here’s to 1993, a nod of gratitude for three decades filled with steadfast support, encouragement and endless inspiration. To mark this milestone, I’ve collaborated with my most enduring accomplice in “making stuff,” the world-famous Rhino brand, to craft the unique pieces that you are now holding. It’s my aspiration that they mean as much to you as making them has meant to me.”

Fashion Designer, Entrepreneur, and Artist, Marc Eckō co-founded and created the clothing and lifestyle brand ECKŌ UNLTD in 1993. Starting out as six t-shirts designed with a can of spray paint, the business quickly morphed into a full-scale apparel and lifestyle company exploding into what would become a cultural phenomenon. As the ECKŌ UNLTD. brand expanded its product lines, Marc Eckō diversified into publishing and multimedia entertainment by founding Complex Magazine and later on Complex Networks. Today, Marc Eckō continues the path of molding youth culture and being involved in socially conscious initiatives, with a strategic role at the philanthropic company, Emerson Collective.

Featuring Marc Eckō’s signature artistic creativity and energy that embodies the brand, the highly coveted 13-piece capsule collaboration features an exclusive and elevated collection of multi-technique, embroidered fleece tops and vibrant graphic tees. The collection brings a fresh new tier to the ECKŌ UNLTD. brand as it was designed and produced for this special occasion in ultra-limited quantities for the community that brought ECKŌ UNLTD. to where it is today and for the next generation of tastemakers who have also come to love and embrace the brand. Each exclusive piece is packed into premium packaging that includes special edition drawer boxes with embossed rhinos designed by Marc and wrapped in custom parchment paper showcasing a collage of some of the most iconic moments of the history of the brand.

The ECKŌ UNLTD. x capsule collection features 13 exclusive pieces ranging from $60 to $285.

Iconic Streetwear Brand ECKŌ UNLTD Celebrates 30th Anniversary with Limited-Edition Capsule Collection Designed by Founder Marc Eckō

The collection is also supported by the release of a love letter written by Marc Eckō through a short-form video which highlights the history of the ECKŌ UNLTD. brand with candid moments and behind the scenes content, directed by Multimedia Artist GLASSFACE. These love letters will be a part of the hangtag of the garments.

“We’re so excited to be celebrating 30-years of ECKŌ UNTLD with two exclusive limited-edition collections that capture the essence of ECKŌ as the original streetwear brand and the cultural, artistic and fashion phenomenon that ECKŌ is,” Andie Lipton, SVP of Marketing, Creative & Communications at Iconix, ECKŌ UNTLD’s parent company. ” There’s no better way to mark the momentous occasion than to once again collaborate with the brand’s cofounder and streetwear icon Marc Ecko himself to design the ECKŌ ULTD x collection representing the past, present and future of this groundbreaking brand.”

In addition to the collection, the brand will also release ECKŌ UNLTD.’s “Archival Edition” collection inspired by some of the highly coveted, classic archival pieces that have defined the brand since 1993. This limited-edition collection pays homage to the brand’s iconic heritage by adding a modern touch to the foundation pieces from the early ECKŌ UNLTD. years when the “little t-shirt company that could” began taking over the streetwear world.

The ECKŌ UNLTD. brand became known for its attention to detail, use of innovative fabrics and its attention to details such as trims and labels. These two collections (Dear and the ECKŌ UNLTD. Archival collection) bring back those elements to celebrate the most recognizable pieces that shaped an entire movement in streetwear fashion.

Available in limited quantities, the Dear collaboration will be available for purchase the day of the VIP anniversary pop-up celebration in Los Angeles and via and The “Archival Edition” is now available for purchase at

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