Stitch Fix launches the 2024 Style Forecast, its annual trend report fueled by billions of data points, feedback from millions of clients and the insights of its stylists and trend experts. It is the most comprehensive look at the style trends for the upcoming year.

From Blockbuster films like Barbie and Oppenheimer to the convergence of Taylor Swift and Beyonce’s record-breaking world tours, 2023 was a year of cultural phenomena that influenced our style like never before. But as we went out more, there was an overriding sense of being overwhelmed by the ever present question: What do I wear? and a new phenomenon of outfit decision fatigue set in.

Stitch Fix Launches the 2024 Style Forecast

The report introduces new easy to apply style formulas like the “Two Texture Technique” and the “3 Layer Rule” – that simplify getting dressed and combat decision fatigue. The report also predicts seven must-know trends to embrace in 2024, ranging from Wardrobe Builders – essential and versatile closet staples –  to Book Smart and Revival Style. Each trend serves as a source of inspiration and guidance to elevate one’s style in the coming year.

Stitch Fix unveils its prediction for the Color of the Year: Matcha. This refreshing shade of green is poised to become a fashion favorite in 2024.

Scaling Social Calendars and Cultural Events’ Impact on Style

Cultural phenomenons influenced our wardrobe this past year like never before. Blockbuster movies and record-breaking world tours have left a lasting impact on our approach to style and will continue to do so in the year to come.

  • Our Stylists saw an astonishing 300% surge in client requests for maximalist ‘Barbie-Inspired’ outfits throughout 2023.
  • We found nearly half (47%) of our female clients say they draw fashion inspiration from the real-life Barbie counterpart, Margot Robbie, and 44% of our male clients covet the wardrobe of Ryan Reynolds.

In 2023, 51% of clients said sporting events, concert tours, and blockbuster films influenced their style. When looking towards 2024, 81% agree these moments will continue to shape fashion trends

  • Music-related moments are particularly impactful when it comes to our style. More than three out of four clients voted Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour as 2023’s most stylish. Looking ahead, 51% of our clients said they’re most likely to “dress the part” for their favorite artist’s concert in 2024, and nearly a third of clients said the same for festivals like Stagecoach and Coachella.

But cultural influence on our style is also being shaped online, and more than 80% of our Stylists say that social media has impacted client requests throughout the year. We saw requests for “Quiet Luxury” items skyrocket by 975%, influenced, in part, by Succession.

When Choices Overwhelm: Stitch Fix’s Solution to the Rise of Decision Fatigue

The surge in events and social gatherings has given rise to decision fatigue among our clients. Despite the excitement of attending events, over half of clients admit to feeling mentally overwhelmed or stressed when deciding what to wear.

  • Attending weddings (50%), meeting new people (44%), and vacations (41%) are among the occasions our clients say are most stressful when it comes to getting dressed
  • Still, 66% of our clients say Stitch Fix helps them save time when deciding what to wear

Enter Stitch Fix’s commitment to alleviating decision fatigue by predicting Wardrobe Builders as a trend to watch – essential, versatile and timeless items that can be mixed and matched for various occasions. A resounding 88% of Women’s clients and 78% of Men’s clients express their interest in embracing this trend for 2024.

Stress Free Style: Stitch Fix’s Styling Formulas Simplify Daily Dressing Routines

Stitch Fix Stylists created foolproof styling formulas to offer a simplified approach to getting dressed and reduce the pressure of decision fatigue. Embrace the “Two Texture Technique” for an outfit that seamlessly transitions from day to night and try the “3 Layer Rule” to ensure your outfit adapts seamlessly throughout the day.

  • Two Texture Technique: This styling method helps you embrace texture confidently. If an outfit feels like it’s missing something, ask yourself: do I have at least two textures present? It’s as easy as it sounds, and they can be subtle, too. The key is the contrast!
  • 3 Layer Rule: Especially important in transitional seasons, this styling hack involves creating an outfit using three distinct layers, each serving a specific purpose to keep you comfortable and stylish. This is a foolproof way to make sure your outfit features components that can be taken on and off throughout the day to account for shifts in weather and ensures your look offers the perfect amount of variety and dimension.

Stitch Fix’s Predictions into the Trends That Will Shape 2024

Book Smart: This grown-up take on preppy styles is led by rising interest from clients in incorporating academia-inspired items into their wardrobes next year. Clients said plaid styles (55%), loafers (46%), and varsity jackets (35%) are the preppy pieces they’re most looking forward to wearing in 2024.

Everyday Vaycay: We predict 2024 will see an evolution of the “Europecore” trend that dominated this year. With 52% of Women’s clients saying they incorporate their vacation wardrobe into their everyday looks, and 40% citing this as a top trend they want to try in 2024, expect the effortless vacation vibes to cross into your everyday looks.

Revival Style: Inspired by nostalgic styles from the early 2000s that have been modernized for today. Also known as “boomerang styles” (i.e. pieces that are enjoying a renewed surge in popularity), this trend is supported by demand for popular early aughts items like cargo pants, which saw a 256% spike in clients requests and silver jewelry.

Texture Play: 2024 will be all about incorporating contrasting textures to your wardrobe in unexpected ways. To master this trend, we developed a simple styling method called the Two Texture Technique and tapped Style Expert Allison Bornstein for her tips on texture pairing formulas to explore. 30% of clients are excited to try embroideryand 27% are excited to try faux leather. We say: Do both!

Modern Utility: This trend is for the rugged-yet-sophisticated world traveler. In 2024, guys looking to lean into Modern Utility will invest in key styles like utility jackets (32% of clients say they want to try them) and commuter pants, which Stitch Fix has seen a 670% increase in sales for.

Sporty-ish: With nearly half (46%) of guys saying moisture-wicking is the performance-wear feature they prioritize most, Stitch Fix stylists predict Sporty-ish – a sporty-meets-stylish vibe that often incorporates golf, tennis or pickleball-inspired styles – will be a driving menswear trend for 2024.

Matcha: The 2024 Color of the Year

Stitch Fix crowns “Matcha” as the Color of the Year for 2024, a fresh green shade set to be a versatile-yet-unique addition to any wardrobe. With a 60% increase in requests for “green,” Stitch Fix stylists recommend pairing a matcha statement piece with neutrals for a balanced palette.

A Commitment to Our Clients’ Style Journey

As we celebrate the release of our 2024 Style Forecast and the major milestone of having shipped our hundred millionth Fix we remain as dedicated as ever to delivering the best possible experience for our clients. Combining data expertise with stylist knowledge and insight, we will continue to lead the way in personal styling in 2024 to help clients look and feel their very best.

Style Forecast imagery available here. Download the full report for more.

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