‘Let’s Start Here’: Lil Yachty Releases Trippy New Album


Lil Yachty continues to grow his legacy as a creative maverick with Let’s Start Here with Quality Control Music/Motown Records/Universal Music Canada. The Grammy-nominated artist who’s known for challenging the status quo and disregarding expectations on his artistry does just that on this new album.

For many months of 2021-2022 the acclaimed, now 25-year-old musician poured himself into a full band experience in the studio day and night with stints ranging from El Paso to Brooklyn. “Let’s Start Here” is a deep, introspective, and expansive Psychedelic Alternative album. His longtime love of Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon and multiple psychedelic journeys influenced this ambitious and intimate album. The work can now be enjoyed worldwide.

This ambitious and realized album serves as an introduction to a new era of craftsmanship and as the album title suggests, it is a new beginning for Yachty.

Yachty recently hosted an advanced listening party at Liberty Science Center in Jersey City with his most avid supporters. It was attended by industry friends including Offset and Drake.

Listen to Lil Yachty’s new album Let’s Start Here. here: https://amzn.to/3DmSxVb


  1. the BLACK seminole
  2. the ride- (Ft. Teezo Touchdown)
  3. running out of time (Ft. Justine Skye)
  4. pRETTy (Ft. Fousheé)
  5. :(failure(:
  6. THE zone~ (Ft. Justine Skye)
  8. drive ME crazy! (Ft. Diana Gordon)
  9. IVE OFFICIALLY LOST ViSiON!!!! (Ft. Diana Gordon)
  10. sAy sOMETHINg 
  11. paint THE sky 
  12. sHouLd i B?
  13. The Alchemist. (Ft. Fousheé)
  14. REACH THE SUNSHINE. (Ft. Daniel Caesar)

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