Lucas Garcia, Matty Juniosa, and Enzo Almario, collectively known as iDolls go All Out on a livestream episode of PalabasTayo on Kumu.

iDolls go All Out

iDolls was formed in 2019 after the Idol Philippines crown landed on somebody else’s head. However, even before the grand championships took place, people were already looking forward to seeing them as a group – a slightly more mature version of TNT Boys.

In an interview on GGV last year, Lucas, Matty, and Enzo admitted that they have different levels of gayness but easily agreed on calling themselves iDolls – a very apt name based on how they all met and how comfortable they are in their own skin.

The three alumni of the reality singing competition will be gracing PalabasTayo’s talkshow series that spotlights performers to give their all in stories, secrets, and songs on the Pinoy livestreaming app. The episode will focus on rainbow hopes and inspirations that promises viewers engaging moments as the iDolls talk about their journey to Idol Philippines, growing up gay, falling in love, experiencing heartbreaks, and what inspired them to carry on. They will also be performing songs by their favorite icons.

Speaking on behalf of the group, Matty Juniosa says, “Personally, I’m super excited to yet again open myself up to new people that have yet to know who the iDolls are as people and what the iDolls can do as performers and entertainers. Kumu has been a HUGE help especially for us people in the performing arts who are heavily reliant on events and interaction with people. I have discovered new life-long friends and so many supporters who are kind enough to share virtual gifts and are super willing to watch, interact and spend time with us, kahit na virtually lang. Kumu feels almost like a new home to me and I’ve met so many new people that I’m excited to collaborate and work with.”

iDoll’s cover of Dalaga

The livestream with the iDolls will happen in PalabasTayo ALL OUT this Sunday, July 26, 2020 at 2PM (Manila Time). To watch, download the free app here:

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