All of Us Are Dead 2 confirmed to return to Netflix


Is everyone really dead? Netflix just confirmed that the hit zombie horror series, All of Us Are Dead, is coming back to life for season 2.

The first season follows a group of students fighting for their lives after a zombie outbreak in their high school, was originally released in January 2022 and topped Netflix charts around the world, and remains one of two Korean shows — after Squid Game — in Netflix’s Top 10 most popular non-English TV shows.

All of Us Are Dead 2

The cast of Season 1 included Park Ji-hu as Nam On-jo, Yoon Chan-young as Lee Cheong-san, Cho Yi-hyun as Choi Nam-ra, Lomon as Lee Su-hyeok, Yoo In-soo as Yoon Gwi-nam, Lee Yoo-mi as Lee Na-yeon, Kim Byung-chul as Lee Byeong-chan, Lee Kyu-hyung as Song Jae-ik, and Jeon Bae-soo as Nam So-ju.

After its premiere, All of Us Are Dead shot straight into the top 10 most-watched non-English TV series in a staggering 91 countries, and stayed there for two consecutive weeks. It also drew 361.02 million viewing hours in its first 10 days, with members kept on the edge of their seats rooting for the Hyosan High juniors over the 12 episodes.

When Season 1 ended, it left room for endless possibilities. For now, all of us are waiting to see how Season 2 will unfold.

The series produced by SLL, KIMJONGHAK PRODUCTION is written by Chun Sung Il and directed by Lee JQ and Kim Nam-su.

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