‘Jingle Bell Rock’: Alessia Cara steps into Christmas with new video

“Make It To Christmas” to premiere December 14

Jingle Bell Rock Alessia Cara

Grammy Award®-winning singer-songwriter Alessia Cara unwraps a pair of welcome Christmas gifts for the season – official videos for “Jingle Bell Rock” and “Make It To Christmas.”  The video for “Jingle Bell Rock” made its broadcast premiere recently on MTV Live, MTVU, and MTV Biggest Pop, as well as on the Para­mount Times Square billboards. “Jingle Bell Rock” was first issued as an Amazon Originals single on November 3, 2021.

December 11th will then mark the launch of the teaser for the “Make It To Christmas” official video, which will premiere December 12th on Facebook, and finally be released across all platforms on December 14th.  “Make It To Christmas” was first heard on 2019’s A Def Jam Christmas; then was revisited by Alessia in a “Stripped” down make­over for her 4-song Holiday Stuff EP of 2020; and has just been reprised on Def The Halls, the all-star 16-song Christmas collection issued by Def Jam in October. Watch the studio video below.

Alessia’s most recent album, In The Meantime released September 2021, preceded over the summer by “Sweet Dream” (whose video made its global broadcast premiere on MTVLive, MTVu, and MTV’s global network of channels, as well as on the Viacom Times Square billboard); and “Shapeshifter” whose video showed off Alessia’s acting chops in the roles of the scorned wife, the cheating husband, a private investigator, the gardener, and maid. 

In The Meantime’s centerpiece, “Best Days,” described as a “misty piano ballad” by the New York Times, eventually spun off Best Days (The Remixes) in January 2022.  The 5-track bundle offered the original single version, the acoustic version, the King Henry Remix, the Takis Remix, and “Best Days” (featuring Pentatonix).  A month later came the single + video release of a key album track, “I Miss You Don’t Call Me,” just in time for Valentine’s Day. May brought the video for “You Let Me Down,” another key album track (which also made its broadcast premiere on MTVLive, MTVU, and on the Paramount Times Square billboards).

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