New Christmas single for Morisette and Ben Adams of A1

This Is Christmas Morisette Ben Adams
This Is Christmas by Ben Adams & Morisette Amon

“This is Christmas” is a new Christmas single for Morissette Amon who sings it together with Ben Adams of the British boy band A1. This team-up marks the Filipina’s latest international collaboration.

The song is from Adams’ new holiday album “This Is Christmas,” which features Morisette, and is now streaming online, released locally by Sony Music Philippines.

Adams originally wrote the song for a Dutch artist but Adams loved the song so much, he decided to keep it. He got recommendations from industry friends on who to sing the song with and decided to work with the singer dubbed as “Asia’s Phoenix”.

Morissette was ecstatic when the singer/composer approached her management about the duet. She feels very honored to do the project and is very excited because the song is something people can dance to. The duo is currently doing the rounds promoting the song in local programs. We recently saw Ben and Morisette promoting on ABS-CBN’s “ASAP” and the noontime show, “It’s Showtime” where they both gave a sampling of their duet. However, we expect that there will be more sightings of the duo as we come closer to Christmas.

PalabasTayo listened to “This Is Christmas” and we were bobbing our heads to the beat. The duet is bit reminiscent of Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas” because of Morisette’s fine vocal stylings. Here are our favorite lyrics.

This is Christmas
And I can’t wait for you and me
To decorate the Christmas tree
Yes, this is Christmas
And it’s the best feeling I know
And I can’t wait till I get home
This Christmas

We enjoyed this New Christmas single for Morisette, it actually moved us to start putting up Christmas decorations at our headquarters. We hope the song gets good airplay and reception from the listeners and becomes a real holiday classic.

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