Tanghalang Pilipino strips JC Santos” to the core in its upcoming production of the epic “Lam-ang”. It marks the actor’s return to the stage, promises to strip the oldest epic of Luzon in its most untouched heroic glory.

Tanghalang Pilipino strips JC Santos

“Lam-ang,” written by Jen De Torres and Eljay Deldoc, and directed by Fitz Bitana and Marco Viaña, is slated to run from December 6 to 15 at the Little Theater, Cultural Center of the Philippines.

“This is my first time to play a lead role in a musical, and I am very excited,” says JC, who bagged awards for his critically-acclaimed performance as Roland in “Constellations. “Very excited to go back to my first love – theater.”

Anna Luna, who was last seen in the hit musical “Changing Partners,” joins JC in the cast of “Lam-ang.”

Billed as an ethno-epic musical, “Lam-ang” boasts of impeccable music and astounding movements, which complement the dynamism of the character and the story of Lam-ang.

“We are super proud to have assembled a dynamic roster of artistic team for ‘Lam-ang,’” says TP Artistic Director Nanding Josef. “With Fitz and Marco sharing directorial duties, and Jen and Eljay making sure that the story of ‘Lam-ang’ is told in the most affecting manner, I am confident that this will be a memorable show, most especially because we have JC Santos headlining this project.”

JC, channeling Lam-Ang

TJ Ramos is musical director with JM Cabling as choreographer. Meanwhile, Bonsai Cielo is costumer designer and Meliton Roxas is in charge of lights.

“’Lam-ang’ will dissect the journey of a conqueror and his journey towards conquering himself, and how he was eventually conquered by love,” says Fitz. “This staging is very grounded, so it is relatable as it is aspirational. It is a beautiful love story of family, self and romance.”

JC, Anna will be ably supported by a strong ensemble of performers, including members of the TP Actors Company.

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