Those who are blessed with cooking skills bring out the best of the ingredients being
used, but truly, it’s those ingredients that bring out the best in even the simplest dishes
served on a daily basis. Join Pornsak and Charlyn Lin as they take a trip around the world to explore the origins of ingredients we are most familiar with and how these affect the food cultures of different countries, including the Philippines, in Asian Food Network’s newest series Our Daily Food set to premiere on Tuesday, September 01, at 10:00 PM.

While we look forward to what is served on the table, knowing where the ingredients
came from makes every bite more meaningful. Learn about the cultural heritage of tofu
and how it is processed in Japan, explore the cultivation of basil in Thailand, understand
the brewing process of black bean soy sauce in Taiwan, discover the milk source and
milk processing in Australia, and of course, it’s always so nice to come across a thing or
two on things we might not know yet about our country—the cultivation and production
of dried mangoes and the secrets of mud crab and oyster farming.

Together with Pornsak and Cui Fang, watch how certain food ingredients are processed
and cultivated to make our favorite daily dishes on Our Daily Food. Asian Food Network

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