Growing up in the quiet province of Laguna, surrounded by a family of musicians, with parents who had met in a college band, music and the arts run through the veins of WishList Top Performer Ranier Caballero alias Slick Groover.

Singing before an audience, however, was not Rainier’s interest when he was younger. He preferred staying behind the stage curtain as a director or part of a production, whether it was a school program, musical, or a town event. 

Eventually, Ranier had to abandon his artistic pursuits and go overseas for college. For years, it seemed that he had forgotten his passion for the arts. Then it came to him that he could sing and realized that the internet is a bigger stage of opportunities for him.

Despite not having any formal training, his exposure to the arts through his experiences in the province, television, travels and, of course, his family, Ranier achieved some successes in singing competitions. 

In 2013, he emerged as a grand finalist in DZMM’s Global Pinoy Singing Idol. It was followed by his participation in the Fil-Can Idol in 2018, where he won first runner-up. 

Taking inspirations from established artists like Brian McKnight, Bruno Mars, and Stevie Wonder, Ranier is into singing soul and R&B pieces. He is now sharing his talent on Kumu through Kumulutan, S&R, and The Lounge, where he is known as the Slick Groover.

Believing that every individual is unique, Ranier wants to be remembered by his listeners for his music that heals and inspires. 

While his past wins can be considered as achievements, Ranier is still on a journey of discovering and rediscovering his potentials as an artist and is hoping that it would lead to a truly career-defining moment. 

“I’m giving myself a rebirth. I never thought of pursuing anything with music. But maybe now. I believe I can,” Ranier said.

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