Jeremy Wade explores the Bermuda Triangle mysteries. The area in the North Atlantic Oceran is also known as The Devil’s Triangle, Limbo of the Lost, Twilight Zone, and Hoodoo Sea. For decades, it has been largely associated with unexplainable disappearances that leave people wanting for a logical explanation. 

Some of the more notable cases are about the USS Cyclops, a US coal transport vessel belonging to the Navy that disappeared en route from Brazil to Baltimore with no trace of the ship or the 309 passengers on board; Flight 19, a routine two-hour training mission that ended in the disappearance of 13 student pilots with a lieutenant, who claimed that his compass wasn’t working before losing contact and flying further away into sea; and a Piper Navajo cabin class aircraft that disappeared on the radar a mile before landing even as a controller previously saw it approaching.

The tales surrounding the Bermuda Triangle are fascinating mysteries that compel people to come up with answers no matter how outlandish the explanation may sound. From alien abductions to German spies, the imagination it takes to solve one of the most baffling puzzles in the world knows no bounds.

For those who prefer a more rational approach, a few explanations have been offered to provide an answer for the strange occurences around the Bermuda Triangle, one of which is the Gulf Stream, a strong current that causes sudden changes in the weather. Another is the Milwaukee Depth, the deepest point in the Atlantic Ocean, which can explain the difficulty of finding a sunken ship if it ever fell into it. 

One of the greatest mysteries involving the Bermuda Triangle, the disappearance of the World War I transporter USS Cyclops, will be explored by extreme angler and British television presenter Jeremy Wade in his upcoming series, Mysteries of the Deep. With the help of experts and modern technology, he offers multiple theories as to how the ship vanished without a trace.

Uncover other oddities of the deep sea with Jeremy Wade in Mysteries of the Deep, premiering on Wednesday, July 1 at 8:10 pm only on Discovery Channel (Sky Cable CH 39, Cignal TV CH 140, and Destiny Cable CH 56).

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