COVID-19 Battling the Devil, a docu special that Discovery Channel is rolling out in order to share information and lessons on the developing story around COVID-19, will premiere on Sunday, 05 April, at 8:10 pm only on Discovery Channel.

Medics assigned in Wuhan wave goodbye (Credit: Xinhua Net)

After a two-month quarantine, citizens of Wuhan in the Hubei province of China are starting to glimpse a semblance of a semi-normal life as the government relaxes some of the safety measures over the city.

Before the city was put under quarantine, people were going through life as usual. Preparations for Chinese New Year were in full swing, spirits were high, and people were expectedly going out to celebrate with their families and friends. This usual pattern of festivities was abruptly disrupted when Wuhan and other cities in Hubei were placed under quarantine in an effort to suppress the sharp increase of patients diagnosed with the yet-to-be-named novel coronavirus.

In Discovery Channel’s upcoming documentary COVID-19 Battling the Devil, viewers are transported back to the two weeks leading up to the world’s biggest lockdown in history and the subsequent weeks thereafter. Inspired by the countdown format in Zero Hour, the documentary unfolds a minute-by-minute narrative of the city’s lockdown with key individual moments that preceded the decision.

To better understand the effects of the virus both on the human body and its inevitable repercussions on society, Battling the Devil offers a first-hand perspective of experts sifting through genomes, preparing for further medical parameters, and examining the outbreak’s economic impact. It also features the successful construction of two hospitals specifically built to address the COVID-19 crisis in Wuhan.

While the epicenter of the coronavirus gradually gets a handle on the situation, countries still preparing to enter the critical stage in fighting the pandemic can take away valuable insights from the tireless and unceasing efforts of the frontliners in the battle against an unseen enemy. 

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