With the recent release of the official trailer of Hamilton, is the confirmation that the hit musical will have language edits once it streams on Disney+.

The filmed version of the original Broadway production was initially scheduled for release in theaters in October 2021 but Disney moved it a year and a half earlier to the delight of the fans. However, some of them worried that the show’s adult moments would have to be censored to meet Disney standards.

Lin-Manuel Miranda, who created the show and originated the role of “Hamilton,” put those fears to rest on Monday and confirmed in a tweet that the audience will get to see the show in its entirety except for two little words.

The Motion Picture Association of America only allowed one “f-word” for it not to be automatically R-rated. Since the original has three expletives, some tweaks needed to be put in place to cover two out of the three: one song has a brief “mute” and another has a “record scratch”. Let’s see if Hamilton nerds will notice the two slight deviations from the original cast recording.

Hamilton Official trailer is now available
Photo Credit: The Walt Disney Studios

Hamilton, the musical will stream on Disney+ starting July 3 at midnight, Pacific Time.

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