Becca Coates (Agnes of God, Father’s Day), the original Dani Lyons in the Philippine production of Dani Girl is featured in an episode of PalabasTayo’s WishList. The lady who received a Gawad Buhay citation for her performance of the show’s 2019 rerun talks about her experience on the show.

What did you think of the PalabasTayo WishList experience?
I felt so lucky! Every actor has that list of songs they wish they could sing. I know I do. Getting the chance to whip out the sheet music for something you’d never get to try is such a great feeling. I don’t take this chance for granted at all, especially since I got to sing these songs with Daphne.

How did you put together your excerpts?
Choosing my songs was as easy as flipping to the page of one of my old journals, where I’d literally written an entire list of songs I’ve always wanted to sing if given the chance. I considered my dream roles and songs that were close to my heart. The hard part was narrowing it down, and of course, believing in myself enough to sing the ridiculously hard ones.

The Color of Your Eyes is such a perfect song because of its purity. I love how melodic it is, and I love that the lyrics depict a closeness to (and certainty) of someone you’ve never even met. It’s a reservation of the heart for the person you want to know everything about–even if it’s just the color of their eyes. It sounds simple, but I found it surprisingly difficult to sing. This is one of my dream roles.

Funny girl funny girl funny girl. This song is so close to my heart. It has run through my head many a time when faced with many a situation in “love.” I think Funny Girl is such a complex song, because sometimes we choose to be the funny girl because humor can help deflect getting hurt. But on the other side of the coin, sometimes it feels as though it happens time and time again so-and-so can’t seem to see you any other way. Oh, the woes of heartbreak.

The Spark of Creation is such a masterpiece of a song. I also can’t believe I dared to sing it. I love the idea of God leaving that spark of creation inside of us when He created us. My favorite line has always been “I am an echo of the eternal cry of let there be.” Imagine the wonder of waking up to the world for the first time. I want that every day.

What do you think of PalabasTayo WishList?
I think this is such a special way to engage the theatre community. Let’s all sing more, encourage each other more, and RECORD these wishlists like they do at PalabasTayo! Not just because it’s fun and exciting, but because putting a wish out into the universe can be powerful thing too

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