Manila, Philippines – Manila-based agency Homonym, the leading name in Sonic Branding in
the Philippines, officially launches its cloud-based plug-and-play Music Curation service.
Homonym Founder and CEO Mike Constantino expressed his excitement about this innovative
service: “Music curation is actually something we’ve done for our clients since we started the
company in 2016. We were just waiting for the right time and the right technology partners so
we can finally offer this at scale.”

When asked about the timing and relevance of their new music solution, Constantino explains “With foot traffic finding its way back to malls and brick and mortar stores, now is the best time for brands to explore the power of curated music. It’s more than just blasting playlist after
playlist inside your store. It’s about finding the right sound to prompt action from your

Homonym Music Curation

Cham Perillo, Homonym’s Sonic Solutions Supervisor, laid out the numbers about music
curation: “Based on a study, there’s an 86% correlation between a listener’s emotional response to sound and their desire to return to, or avoid that experience. Applying that to marketing, the right music can make customers stay longer inside a store – which leads to trying items out or even purchasing them.”

Homonym’s plug-and-play Music Curation service aims to help brands achieve three main

  1. A stronger brand story and experience via curated music that’s perfectly matched with
    the brand and their target audiences.
  2. An easy, affordable and convenient way to legally play the best music from local to
  3. Generate tangible results for in-store executions.

“Happy people spend 9% more.” stated the sonic agency’s CEO. “If music can make customers
feel happy while they’re inside our partners’ shops or consuming their content, then there’s a
good chance they’ll react positively towards the brand by either buying something from the store or engaging with specific content. Happy customers. Happy brands.”

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