This is your chance as Philippine Educational Theater Association’s (PETA) much-awaited production for 2024, “One More Chance, the Musical,” featuring the music of the massively popular and award-winning Filipino nine-piece band, Ben&Ben, announces the casting call for auditions starting Monday, November 20, 2023.

AUDITIONS for One More Chance the Musical

Interested applicants who want to audition will have the chance of a lifetime to portray the roles of Popoy, Basha, the Thursday Barkada, and other ensemble characters from the cult-classic movie.

Applicants must submit 16 bars, or 1 stanza and 1 chorus, of the best part of any Ben&Ben or OPM song, along with 4 bars of choreography to any contemporary modern music. Below is the casting brief:

  1. POPOY
    Male, 20’s. Engineer.
    Go-getter, always needs to be in control.
    Burdened with society’s traditional expectations on men; always means well but can be overbearing.
  2. BASHA
    Female, 20’s. Architect and Shirt Designer.
    Bottles up her emotions for the common good or to avoid confrontation. Lost her sense of self while in a relationship with Popoy.
    Female, 20’s. Restauranteur.
    Optimist, driven but softspoken and compassionate. Married to Kenneth. 4. KENNETH
    Male, 20’s. Restauranteur. Lost his sight five years ago due to an accident. Mild mannered, his words of wisdom can always cut through the noise. Married to Krizzy.
  4. ANJ
    Female, 20s. Realistic, frank to a fault, often drops truth bombs.
    Male, 20s. Loud, a firecracker and jokester who hides his own insecurities. 7. JP
    Male, 20s. Engineer. Peace-keeper, never one to bother others.
  6. MARK
    Male, 30s. Handsome, well-built, and charming, but never boatsful nor self important. Architect. Fresh from a break-up with his long-term girlfriend and all the wiser from it.
    20s, a singer and songwriter
    Spunky but not boisterous, self-aware.
    Female, 40s. Warm, sweet and caring to her nieces and nephews. Retiree from the U.S. looking to settle in the PH, engaged to Willie.
    Male, 40s. Man of few words but charming in a quiet way.
    Retiree from the U.S. looking to settle in the PH, engaged to Edith. 12. ELVIE
    Female, 40s.
    Popoy’s mother.
    A widow who worked multiple jobs for the family, relied heavily on her son. 13. BERNICE
    Female, (can pass as) late teens. Popoy’s younger sister.
  10. ROSE
    Female, 40s.
    Basha’s mother.
    Single mom, experienced a lot of heartbreak from Basha’s father. 15. GUIA
    Female, mid to late 20s. Basha’s older sister.
  11. FRIEND 1
    Female. 20s. Can play multiple roles.
  12. FRIEND 2
    Male, 20s. Can play multiple roles.

The full set of requirements can be found at this link:

The deadline for all casting submissions will be November 26 at 11:59 p.m. Live auditions at the PETA Theater Center will follow from December 4–5. For questions regarding auditions, email

“One More Chance, the Musical” is slated to open in April 2024 at the PETA Theater Center. The show follows PETA’s string of successful jukebox musicals, from the phenomenal hit “Rak of Aegis,” which ran for seven seasons, to the critically acclaimed rap musical “Three Stars and a Sun.” featuring the music of Francis Magalona.

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