The cast of “Love Alarm 2” beams about their characters at the recent virtual launch of the hit Netflix Korean series. Two years after the show’s premiere, they return on March 12 to enthrall viewers around the world again with the continuation of 100% pure romance in a world where feelings cannot stay concealed.

Love Alarm, the live-action adaptation of the popular webtoon by Chon Kye-young, introduced a mobile app that sends out a notification when someone with romantic feelings approaches within a 33-foot radius of you. The show has earned praise and opened a new chapter in the Korean young adult romance genre known as “high-teen.” With remarkable resemblances that could have jumped out from the pages of the original webtoon, the three main actors — Kim So-hyun, Jung Ga-ram, and Song Kang — have a dynamic chemistry that fascinates the fans, creating many Hye-yeong and Sun-oh empathizing devotees.

Love Alarm 2 cast beams at the official launch
Song Kang and Kim So-hyun at the Love Alarm 2 press conference (Courtesy of Netflix)

Two of the three main characters of Love Alarm 2, Kim So-hyun (The Last Princess, Unforgettable, Killer Toon) who plays Kim Jojo and Song Kang (Sweet Home, When the Devil Calls Your Name, Beautiful Vampire) who plays Hwang Sun-oh graced the by-invitation-only press launch. They were joined by the director, Kim Jin-woo (Good Doctor, Queen of Mystery, Suits).

The new season reveals these characters who have matured and become adults. Song Kang says, “In Season 1, Sun-oh was a high school student. You saw the pure and youthful side of him. However, since he broke up with his high school crush Jojo, he’s very heartbroken. But in season two. Sano becomes more mature, grown-up and you’d be able to see Sun-oh as an adult.”

Director Kim Jin-woo says, “In the second season, the characters are affected by the new and upgraded version of the application. Now, with the app. 2.0. There are decisions that you are informed of through the app. What follows the information that the app gives you is really what you should be looking out for; the stories that unfold because of those decisions made. I think that’s definitely something you’ll be interested to find out.”

Kim So-hyun shares “Joe Joe is a character who used to be very defensive. She was afraid of other people knowing how she truly felt, which leads her to use the shield function on the love alarm app so that no one knows how she actually feels. And in the second season of frustration because of having used the shield leads to Jojo taking different actions, and it leads to her personal growth and development, which you will be able to see in the second season.

The characters played by the actors seem to be very similar to them in real life. So-hyun says, “All three of us have just become our characters because we have been in two seasons. Now, it’s very hard to tell who’s closer to whose character more.”

When asked which character they would rather play other than their own, Song Kang says “I like to play Jojo. That’s because she’s loved by two wonderful men. There are two gentlemen who are completely in love with her. So, it doesn’t really matter that your alarms are constantly ringing because the person who you really love doesn’t ring your alarm.” So-hyun on the other hand says she would like to play Sun-ho because his alarm is constantly ringing and would like to know how that feels. “I like to become that popular for once.” she said.

The second season of Love Alarm will be released on March 12, only on Netflix.

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