Award-winning a Cappella group Pentatonix released today their fifth Christmas album, “Holidays Around The World”. A follow-up to last year’s “Evergreen”, this new Pentatonix recording features 12 holiday tracks including a collaboration with Lea Salonga for the OPM classic, “Christmas In Our Hearts”

On the eve of the album’s release, the Tony Award winner surprised fans on her Instagram account confirming the OPM Christmas tune she recorded with Pentatonix. The post was accompanied by the official track list that revealed the other featured artists in the album: Meghan Trainor, Lang Lang, Magatte Sow, Grace Lokwa, Hiba Tawaji, La Santa Cecilia, Shreya Ghoshal, HIKAKAIN & SEIKIN, and The King’s Singers.

@palabastayo #leasalonga and @Pentatonix sing the iconic “Christmas in Our Hearts” in the award-winning a cappella group’s latest Christmas album. Video and music belong to the rightful owners. No copyright infringement intended. #PalabasTayo #tiktoktrending #tiktokforyou #foryoupage #christmasinourhearts #christmas ♬ original sound –®

Christmas In Our Hearts composed by Jose Mari Chan and Rina Caniza comes full circle in this album since the singer-songwriter, Chan originally wanted Lea Salonga to record the song with him. Despite saying yes, Lea could not do it because her record label at the time did not allow her. Since its initial release in 1990 however, the song has enjoyed tremendous success in the Philippines and always signals the start of the annual Christmas celebration in the country.

In line with the Yuletide season, the group composed of Scott Hoying, Kirstin Maldonado, Mitch Grassi, Kevin Olusola, and Matt Sallee is scheduled to go on tour starting in November for PENTATONIX: A CHRISTMAS SPECTACULAR with Girl Named Tom!

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