Singer, Josh Adornado is set to appear in a PalabasTayo “All Out” episode where he will share untold stories and perform songs that he has missed.

The singer who was a top 5 finalist in GMA 7’s The Clash (2018) shared that the episode “Journey to A Dream” will focus on his hopes of becoming a respected professional singer in addition to revelations about his hobbies, how he keeps himself in shape, backstories from the singing contest, and life experiences that broke his spirit.

Josh Adornado in an episode of The Clash

It is public knowledge that the 25-year-old artist was shattered when he lost his GMA 7 contract due to a rookie mistake in 2019. In the episode, Josh Adornado will shed some light on what really happened and how he learned to bounce back.

He has also prepared to sing songs that his fans know him for but will also be sampling ones from musical theater, as well as Ryan Cayabyab classics that he has never sung in a long while.

Josh Adornado’s guesting will be livestreamed on PalabasTayo’s Kumu on August 2, 2020 (Sunday), at 3:00 PM. Kumu, a popular livestreaming platform provides a safe space for streamers and its audiences, so the episode will make sure that the show remains true to its mission: to provide a platform for artists to showcase their talents and encourage them to give their all with the stories that they choose to share.

To watch the episode, download the free app here:

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