Wonggoys, a trio of brothers, have been making music together since 2010. They have stuck to their method of creating music and explored new ideas or concepts that they can dive into. With Gabe at the forefront of writing, Kyle developing a catchy chord pattern with the acoustic guitar, and Bill trying out different vocal melodies, the album turned out better than ever. Last June 4th, Wonggoys shared to the world their last studio album titled “Organic”.

With songs inspired by family, the pandemic, love, and all the sentiments that come in between, “Organic” fully encapsulates what the Wonggoys have been through these past two years. Produced by Cattski Espina, the album touches up on pop, folk, indie rock, hip-hop, and alternative rock of the late 1990s and early 2000s. “Organic” remains true to the distinct Wonggoys’ sound while offering something fresh and new.

Hailing from Cebu, the focus track of this album is entitled “Queen” where the Wonggoys sing about their love for their home city. Listeners can not only expect lyrics written in English but in Bisaya as well. With over 18,000 monthly listeners on Spotify, the Wonggoys have written songs for everyone to sing, dance, laugh, and simply let go.

Listen to Wonggoys’ last studio album “Organic” on Spotify. Those interested to hear their previous releases can check out their debut album “I’m Not Sure What To Say But I’ll Say It Anyway” and “High Hello” or jam to their hit song “Wa’y Blema” which has received over 1.1 Million streams to date. To keep updated with the Wonggoy’s follow 22tangomusic on Instagram and subscribe to their YouTube Channel at 22TangoTV.

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