Pianist, Daphne Cabaguio Jocson is gathering some of her artist friends for a night of musical theater. Dubbed as “Sing Out by the South: Feed the Music”, the event is a collective effort by musicians for musicians, hosted by Ahbet Padilla. PalabasTayo sat down with Jocson to find out more about the project:

Sing Out by the South
Pianist, Daphne Cabaguio Jocson

What is Sing Out by the South?
This is a collective effort by musicians for musicians to raise funds initially for Cebu & Davao musicians who rely on nightly gigs as means of income. The entertainment industry will surely be the last ones to get their jobs back. So this project aims to help our musicians in Cebu and Davao and hopefully also other cities. We’ve been helping our colleagues in Manila since the beginning of this pandemic. But for some reason, our musicians down south have somehow been forgotten.

What do you intend to accomplish?
We are targeting 2,000 musicians from Cebu & Davao who are struggling to make ends meet due to this COVID pandemic. We are hoping to extend cash assistance to them.

Whose brainchild is Sing Out by the South?
Chad Borja initiated this project with the help of friends. The reason they are targetting Cebu & Davao musicians for now, is because Chad is from Cebu but is now based in Davao. He started with a band, so he knows how it feels to struggle with nightly gigs, and being paid a very minimal amount. The country is also a vast area to cover & it would be difficult to commit to a huge number if we don’t know how much funds we can generate. If there is more than the targeted amount, they will be more than happy to share the blessings outside Cebu & Davao.

What is going to happen during the event?
This is a series of online shows aired everyday on Facebook live, which will probably run for a month or so. It started last June 21, with Chad & Joey Albert for the pilot episode. It has been running nightly at 8pm with different artists performing.

Sing Out by the South

Who are your guests?
I will be having 25 guests. I know, I know. They are a lot. But it’s nice because when I invited them, I was expecting to get some rejections but I was so happy when no one said no. When they found out what it was all about, they all said yes. Just like that. No ifs and buts. What amazing and generous hearts these artists have. Nakakaiyak actually. I really am deeply touched. So you were asking who are my guests. I have guests from Manila, Cebu, Davao, and the U.S.

They are (in alphabetical order): Aby, Anna Fegi, Bituin Escalante, Cassy Venuti, Chad Borja, China Cojuangco, David Ezra, Dulce, Frenchie Dy, Gab Pangilinan, Gauss Obenza, Giob Rodriguez, Ice Seguerra, Janice Uy Donato, Jep Go, Kayla Rivera, Ken Cruz, Maan Chua, Monica Flores, Pinky Marquez, Poppert Bernadas, Rochelle Venuti, Sweet Plantado-Tiongson, Tim Pavino, and Yael Pineda.

What can the fans expect?
One of the reasons why I gave their names in alphabetical order is so that it will encourage the audience to watch from beginning till the end. I don’t want to give so many details so that they wouldn’t know the sequence of songs, singers, etc. This is musical theater. There is always a need for storytelling, hence, the element of surprise.

Oh and one more thing to expect…. and this is a first for me. Those people very close to me know I never show myself onscreen, much more talk. I never talk even during cabaret shows, etc. except for PalabasTayo but other than that, this will be my first LIVE experience. The camera and I have never been friends. So good luck to me and help me God. Haha.

When is this going to happen and how can people watch?
My show will be on July 8, Wednesday at 8:00 pm. It can be viewed from the Facebook Page of State of Mind Productions. https://www.facebook.com/StateOfMindProductions/

How can people help out?
They can donate online through BPI, BDO, Paypal & GCash.
– BPI Account Number 2883059118
– BDO Account Number 001740151370
– Paypal Account emyg1101@gmail.com
– GCash Account 09173031101

The Invitation
We are knocking on everyone’s hearts to help our musicians from the south. No amount is small. We assure you that any help you can extend will go a long long way. Also, I would like to thank Mr. Chad Borja and Ms. Emy Gross for inviting me to be part of this project. I am very very grateful also to all the 25 guest performers who will join me on July 8. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. Let’s continue to pray and let’s keep the faith going. Be safe, keep healthy, and always remember…. music heals.

• Studio 1 Artists Management & Events
• State of Mind Productions Inc
• Zoom
• Chad Borja, Dr. Jake Valeroso, Ahbet Padilla, Junnix Daclison &
Clint Canete
• All the artists who participated & committed to this cause.

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