Theater 2108 puts together a portfolio of its works that gives way to conversations including coping mechanisms during the pandemic.

Boutique performing arts collective, Theatre 2108, may have been pushed to say goodbye to live performances temporarily, but for co-founders Nuel Rivera and Drea Estrellado, telling their stories was never confined to the four walls of the theater.

“We knew we wouldn’t be able to share our work onstage this year. But we were certain we had something to say, and we couldn’t let the pandemic keep us from sharing it with others,” says Rivera. “We’re composed of singers, writers, filmmakers, designers, and musicians. We wanted to take advantage of that diversity to create something different from what we’ve staged in recent years.”

2108 Offstage: From Distant Rooms is the company’s portfolio of creative works created while in quarantine. It began as a conversation within the company about how each member was dealing with being in quarantine. With everyone facing different uncertainties, it amplified the importance of self-care at a time when people are forced into isolation.

“We barely slept, we were getting burned out from work, and we were all in so much self-inflicted pressure that we forgot to care for and be kind to ourselves,” shares Estrellado. “We knew the best way for us to cope was to create art that’s honest, in hopes of it reaching those who, like us, were feeling anxious with everything that’s been happening.”

From Distant Rooms launched in September with The Drifter, a short film that takes viewers into the thoughts of a character who was forced to put her dreams on hold. Written by Macy Sandel and directed by Bea Ramos, with a musical score by Snow Toledo, The Drifter poses the striking question of what it means to truly live and how we tend to let fear keep us from becoming the people we can be.

For seven weeks, Theatre 2108 will be releasing more of their creations from distant rooms on their official Facebook page. The works include songs, short films, and prose created by Theatre 2108’s resident actors Vanya Castor, Snow Toledo, Bea Ramos, and Patricia Yraola with the special participation of Gelo Cruz and Chir Cataran. Like and follow Theatre 2108 on

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