Author Ro Smith is thrilled to announce the debut of her newest book, ‘Journey of a Lost Oxa’. This highly anticipated new title will officially launch on February 26, 2024, on Amazon.

Journey of a Lost Oxa
Author Ro Smith

Smith is an adventurer at heart who traversed to the pinnacle of Cape Town’s Table Top Mountain and even ventured to the Serengeti and to Zambia, walking side by side with wild animals and enjoying the freedom and excitement of the journeys. As a professional, she has served as an Air Force Military Police Officer, social worker, and teacher. Now, she is also an author who has penned several titles.

In Smith’s newest book, ‘Journey of a Lost Oxa,’ she shares a piece of her wild heart with an incredible journey into the mystical realm of Firyali. The book opens with a depiction of an idealistic utopia in which Princess Firyali lives peacefully. Then, Pirates resurface and shatter this seemingly perfect world. Princess Firyali is faced with the decision of following her first love or serving as an heir to the throne. She embarks on a journey that exposes her true lineage as a witch of the Jumey, and then she must decide if she will surrender to the Pirate King or embrace her journey and fight.

Journey of a Lost Oxa

‘Journey of a Lost Oxa’ is the first book in the ‘Legacy of Firyali’ duology and delves into the fantasy genre, transporting readers to a world of magic and exploration. “My goal is to transport readers to worlds where exploration fuels adventure and adversity shapes destinies,” said Smith. “I invite readers to explore the depths of imagination.”

‘Journey of a Lost Oxa’ will be available for purchase beginning on February 26, 2024, via Amazon. More information about Ro Smith can be found at


Ro Smith is an author, adventurer, and former Air Force Military Police Officer whose passion for storytelling has led to the creation of several books including ‘Journey of a Lost Oxa.’

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