On November 15, Jomar Pasaron was the special guest on ALL OUT after topping WishList, Palabastayo’s program that spotlights non-featured streamers on Kumu. The Wishlist Book 1 champ gamely gave his all in sharing stories, secrets, and songs. Unexpectedly, however, Pasaron breaks down in the interview and touches the hearts of viewers as he breaks the mold that he is being forced into.

This PalabasTayo’s ALL OUT interview from the onset was fun, very light but full of energy and was a reflection of how singer Jomar Pasaron really is as a person. He kept it real and wore his heart on his sleeves because he is all about being true to oneself, having that strength of character, keeping your ground and tearing down stereotypes.

And as these interviews normally go, more intimate questions were thrown and it didn’t take long for him to lay all his cards on the table. He would jab with jests here and there as a defense mechanism but eventually the young artist did not hold anything back, it was very honest of him to reveal the flip side of the happy mask he had on— that behind it, there was hurt, and there is a longing for a father’s love; but he would then turn these all around, and eventually be able to bounce back much stronger.

True colors.

After giving a heartfelt rendition of Cyndi Lauper’s “True Colors”, the interviewer made an affirmation, based on his performances in PalabasTayo’s Wishlist, that Jomar was comfortable in his own skin, giving his all without inhibitions.

Pasaron was then asked about his LGBTQ inspirations, he answered, the likes of Sam Smith, OG Queen Frontman Freddie Mercury, and ‘King George’ himself, Jonathan Groff were his role models. He shared, “mas na-inspire po ako sa kung paano sila magperform. Kung gaano sila ka-komportable sa stage, at sa kung ano yung meron sila bigay lang sila ng bigay— pinapakita lang nila. Tapos hindi ko naman pala kelangan i-mold yung image ko sa iba, just be myself that would be enough” (I was more inspired with how they performed, how comfortable they were on stage and with whatever they have, they give it all. And I realized that I don’t need to create another image of me; I have to just be myself, that would be enough).

Not his father’s son.

Admittedly, Jomar said he was not close to his father but he had to live with him in Cavite for a while as their family in Olongapo struggled with the finances. He confessed that his father would chase away his brother as they would always have arguments because of the eldest son’s sexual preference. After The Voice Teens, Pasaron claimed he came out to his dad despite of fears of him getting mad but on the contrary, he realized that their father only wanted them to be able to fight back and stand up for themselves— but nonetheless, he was still a typical conservative Filipino father who preferred to have his sons act more manly.

Pasaron also shared however that he is still waiting to hear from him for support. The last time was when the young singer had an accident, had his head fractured which almost cost him his life. While his voice cracked as he was fighting his tears, the singer’s message to his father was “mapahalagahan niya yung mga taong nagmamahal sa kanya” (that he values the people who love him), and when asked what he thinks his father would tell him: “sana masabi niya na mahal niya din ako bilang anak” (I hope he can tell me that he also loves me as his son).

He then gathered all the composure he could muster and emotionally sang “Not My Father’s Son” from the musical Kinky Boots, wiping every tear that fell between the verses.

With a personality that could not be dampened, Jomar ended his interview on a high positive note, thanking everyone for supporting him then promoting PalabasTayo’s Wishlist because he knew how this platform could help others just as it had helped him reach greater heights.

And his message to the universe? Spread love always.

Catch Jomar in his live streams on Kumu every Monday to Wednesday in ‘Aesthetic Playlist’ at 6-8pm and on Saturdays in ‘Raise Your Voice’ at 4-6pm.

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