Trumpets reveals complete cast of ‘Joseph the Dreamer’

Trumpets Joseph the Dreamer cast
from Trumpets' Facebook page

After grueling auditions in late September, Trumpets reveals the complete cast of “Joseph the Dreamer”. The 2020 production will be a reimagining of Cam Floria’s cantata under the direction of Paolo Valenciano.

Valenciano confessed to PalabasTayo that he had a bit of a challenge casting the show as hundreds of talented people showed at the auditions. He is proud, however, that the cast he put together will put across the show’s important and powerful message of forgiveness and God’s love.

Trumpets shared in September that Sam Concepcion will lead the cast as Joseph and Bituin Escalante will play his mother, Rachel.

Recently, Trumpets announced that Kayla Rivera will play the role of Joseph’s wife Asenath who will be narrating the show. Carlo Orosa who was part of the original cast will play the Pharaoh. Audie Gemora, who was the country’s first-ever Joseph will play Jacob, the father of Joseph.

Joining the cast are RJ Dela Fuente (Reuben), Carlos Canlas (Levi), Paul Anthony Valdez (Judah), Neo Rivera (Dan), Jim Ferrer (Napthali), Renz Bernardo (Gad), Edrei Tan (Asher), John Paul Fausto (Issachar), Joshua Ade Valenzola (Zebulun), Guido Gatmaytan (Benjamin), Aldo Vencilao (Potiphar), Alys Serdenia (Potiphar’s wife), Elai Estrella (Mannaseh), and Eli Luis (Mannaseh). Mitzi Lao, Jo Mari Logdat, Coleen Paz, Samantha Libao, and Kathleen Francisco complete the talented ensemble.

In an interview, Sam Concepcion shared that he is very happy to do the timeless show as it was formerly done by stalwarts in the industry including Audie Gemora, Franco Laurel, and Gary Valenciano.

“Joseph the Dreamer” will be staged at the Maybank Performing Arts from February to March 2020.

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