After 25 years in performing arts, actress, Ampy Sietereales assumes a different kind of role with Céto-Prét, her accessible keto and paleo-friendly food business.

Her impressive resume makes her a familiar and respected persona on stage and TV soaps. Her iconic roles include Mary Magdalene in Repertory Philippines’ Jesus Christ Superstar, Mimi in the Asian premiere of RENT, swing in Miss Saigon Manila and Asian Tour, and Bebe in the opening team of Hong Kong Disneyland.

Below, she talks about how her experience in performing arts and exposure to different cultures helped her in this current role which still keeps her days long and tiring.

Who or what inspired you to try cooking?
My mother. I used to watch and help her cook all the time. Her whole family cooks so well.

When did you realize you had a knack for it?
When I started living alone. When did you put up Céto-Prêt? I started Céto-Prêt in 2018.

What does the name mean?
Cétogène is French for ketogenic, cetogenica is spanish, céto= keto; prêt is French for “ready” or “within reach”.

CÉTO PRÉT: keto and paleo-friendly meals within reach

What does Céto-Prêt specialize in?
Céto-Prêt as the name suggests, specializes in keto-friendly meals. It is also mostly paleo-friendly as we use whole, fresh, organic unprocessed ingredients in most of our dishes. We follow the Ketogains protocol so we don’t advocate the medical high fat ketogenic diet. Each client’s macros are calculated according to their individual stats (i.e weight, body fat percentage, height, activity level). We don’t do the eat fat to burn fat theory because that is incorrect, a myth. You burn fat when your body is deprived of carbs.

Did you have to learn this specialty?
Informally, yes. I worked with a lot of health buffs abroad and really got familiarized with it because of my colleagues in Universal Studios Singapore..from those stuntmen who look like GI Joe dolls..yes from them haha

Who are your clients?
Mostly AB clientele all over the metro, from up north in QC to down south in Alabang.

Where are you located and how big are your operations?
Mandaluyong, baby steps, micro-biz for now.

How does it work?
(How to order, how long does delivery take, etc?) As simple as any e-commerce transaction: They go to, choose their plan, pay via paypal/credit card, then receive their food daily. They get informed of the menu every week. There is a cut- off for the following week’s meal subscription.

How is business doing in this time of COVID-19 pandemic?
Slow. I intentionally closed the website at this time to suspend daily deliveries to minimize exposure to riders. Supplies are limited because our regular suppliers are also affected by the ECQ. But frozen and some ready to eat products are available for pre-order, scheduled for delivery weekly. For more info and to order, contact Céto-Prêt VIA VIBER ONLY: 0956 033 2018.

Are there are any challenges you face?
Supplies supplies supplies. Because of logistics and most of the suppliers are still on skeletal workforce, we really need to adjust just to keep business moving.

Did you have to expand your market to cater to a wider client base?
Not really, anything with the Céto-Prêt logo means it’s still ketogenic and paleo-friendly. Now it’s up to them if they want to eat rice with it or cake afterwards.

What are your best sellers?
All of our items are bestsellers! It’s really good quality food.

Do you accept special orders outside the menu?
Sometimes, for bulk orders, yes.

Do you alter some recipes based on client requests?
Nope. I do consider their notes when they submit their orders. For example, some don’t like spicy, etc, or don’t like too many aromatics. I do try to adjust the whole menu for them, but I never adjust my recipes because if I change the recipes it won’t be as good. I think people should be able to enjoy what they eat to be able to sustain the lifestyle.

What is Céto-Prêt‘s mission and where do you see your brand going in the coming months?
My mission now is to just survive. Ask me again next year.

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