Netflix has confirmed the casting of Ji Jin-hee, Lee Jae-wook and Hong Seung-hee for its new Korean original series Move to Heaven, which stars Lee Je-hoon, and Tang Jun-sang in lead roles.

Move to Heaven tells the story of Geu-ru, a young man with Asperger’s syndrome, and Sang-gu, who suddenly finds himself as Geu-ru’s guardian. The two work as trauma cleaners, clearing out the possessions of the deceased and uncovering the many stories that are left behind.

Lee Je-hoon and Tang Jun-sang star in Move to Heaven
Lee Je-hoon and Tang Jun-sang star in Move to Heaven

Ji Jin-hee (Designated Survivor: 60 DaysMisty) makes a special appearance as Geu-ru’s father Jeong-u who is a kind and affectionate man. He operates Move to Heaven, a disposal service for the personal belongings of the deceased, and designates his younger brother Sang-gu as Geu-ru’s guardian.

Lee Jae-wook (When the Weather Is FineExtraordinary YouSearch WWW), makes a special appearance as Su-cheol, who had been involved with Sang-gu being sent to prison. Su-cheol’s appearance will pique viewers’ curiosity not only for more insight into Sang-gu’s past but also about Move to Heaven in general.

Hong Seung-hee (Who Kissed Me?, I Wanna Hear Your SongMemorist) plays Na-mu, a key character alongside Geu-ru and Sang-gu. Na-mu lives next door to Geu-ru and considers him as family and is protective of him. She keeps a careful eye on Sang-gu, who suddenly becomes Geu-ru’s guardian. 

Move to Heaven, directed by Kim Sung-ho (How to Steal a Dog)  and written by Yoon Ji-ryun (Boys Over Flowers and Angel Eyes), will be available worldwide, exclusively on Netflix

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