Pinoy Midnight Snackers (PMS) will probably want to get their hands on McDonald’s blueberry cream cheese pie and post snaps on their by invitation only Facebook Group.

This new temptation which we first read in a report by Caitlyn Fitzpatrick in, kinda makes you wanna get your car keys, brave the checkpoints, and zoom your way to the fastfood restaurant’s drive-thru. the pie has two mouthwatering fillings beneath the crispy crust. On one side is a sweet and tangy blueberry jam-like filling and on the other, is a cream cheese filling. If you’re a foodie, we are guessing that you are now thinking of ways to get both flavors in your mouth in every bite.

But take off those driving shoes because aside from the enhanced community quarantine protocols, this product is only available at McDonald’s Malaysia. As seen in the above images, people there have been posting photos on their Instagram accounts since the second week of March. In the Philippines, there are currently only two pie flavors at McDonald’s: apple pie and rich chocolate pie.

Let’s just pray to the food gods that this dessert gets to Philippine shores and the quarantine is lifted soon.

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