Leslie Jordan famously known for his roles in Will & Grace and American Horror Story did not catch the COVID-19 virus but went viral on Instagram. With people all over the world quarantined in their respective homes, the actor’s videos have become the pick-me-upper we all need in this pandemic.

The 64-year old LGBT champion is shut-in with his momma in Chattanooga, Tennessee and is enjoying posting daily videos on his Instagram account, @thelesliejones. His posts are everything from his personal experiences and showbiz stories, to singing, dancing, and even rapping.

Leslie now has over 3 million followers with posts that have views ranging from hundreds of thousands to over a million. Below are some of our favorites:

Stoned Senior High Grad Pic

Leslie the Rapper

Going ala Rachel Ray

In an Instagram Live interview with Jason Kennedy of Channel E!, Leslie shared that when his videos got really big on cyberland, a friend called him to say, “you’re viral!” He replied, No, honey, I’m fine. I’m here at mamma’s…I don’t have that virus.” He continued that until recently, he didn’t even know what “viral” or “monetize” meant.

With his millions of followers, Leslie has been offered to earn from his content but said that he is doing this daily Instagram broadcast for fun and will not make money out of anyone during the global COVID-19 crisis. “I said, ‘Listen, I just do this for fun, for free. And I got a big job lined up, you know, Call Me Kat. I got a big, big, big television series coming on Fox. I don’t need, you know…I’m gonna be rich as shit. Until the hunker down is over…I’m going to do it for fun and free. After that, woo! All bets are off! I’ll be the biggest whore in Hollywood.”

Leslie posts once or twice a day and tries to avoid reading the comments. He enjoys receiving random texts and calls from people who seem to feel a little better with the help of his videos.

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