The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations (UN) recently launched “Be young, be food-safe, be heard” – a food safety contest open to young people in the Asia Pacific region.

The Regional Office of FAO for Asia and the Pacific is calling for entries in the form of a photo, poster, or video that illustrates ideas from young generations about food safety such as handwashing, food standards, food fraud, microbiological contamination, chemical contamination, e-commerce and food deliveries, or climate change.

The contest is open to nationals from or people currently living in Asia Pacific countries aged 30 years or younger. However, a “special contribution” slot will be available for young people outside the region.

Food safety in photos, posters and videos
Submissions should show a food safety topic or issue that occurs at any point in the supply chain.

According to a post by the newsdesk of Food Safety News (FSN), the contest brief says “We are looking for photos or posters that represent a food safety topic or issue that occurs at a point of your choice in the food supply chain.”

The FSN post also details that video entries should not exceed two minutes and must include English subtitles. It must focus on a food safety issue that participants face in their daily lives. It should reveal the habit, practices, behaviors or norms that cause the issue and proposed solutions. The video can be targeted on children, education, national authorities, consumers or food businesses and created in groups of one to three people.

Participants can submit a maximum of seven pieces if they meet category conditions. To enter the “Be young, be safe, be heard” contest, click this link. All participants will receive an electronic certificate and all winners will be recognized. Video winners will have the opportunity to attend the Regional Food Safety Conference to be held in Bangkok, Thailand. All expenses related to participation will be covered by FAO.

The deadline for submission of entries is on August 31, 2020, but participants are encouraged to submit entries by May 31 to be featured at the second World Food Safety Day on June 7. For more contest details, click this link.

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