Any well-stocked pantry may already be running low on supply by this time (unless you hoarded and should be judged for doing so) given the enhanced community quarantine. Ordering food for delivery has become a challenge and buying groceries online will at least take a week to get to you (if you are lucky enough to get a delivery slot). Quarantine cooking may be the only option you have for now but even that can be difficult if you are locked down and cannot get the ingredients you need.

We looked for recipes online and stumbled into this app called SuperCook. Its developer, AMR Systems LCC describes it as “a recipe discovery app offering personalized Menu of recipes you can make using the ingredients you have at home”. We checked what we can cook with ground beef, vegetable oil, and ketchup packets. It gave us 19 suggestions.

Pantry Staple Recipes
Kristen Aiken put together for Huffington Post 22 easy recipes that a self-quarantinee can prepare using common ingredients in your cupboard like rice, pasta, tuna, and other canned items. Check out the video below by Hufington Post.

Easy Quarantine Recipes
Food52 has been sharing quarantine meals on social media. Here are 13 of them including Pasta Con Ceci by their CEO, Amanda Hesser. It’s a very simple pasta recipe because the only thing you need to prep is garlic.

FlavCity with Bobby Parish
This channel whipped up dinner ideas especially for quarantine times. These recipes are real, delicious using mostly pantry staples.

Sam the Cooking Guy
Here five quick and easy recipes to address the lockdown munchies using chicken and what’s in your pantry.

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