Marcelito Pomoy, the lone Filipino in America’s Got Talent: The Champions is not saying goodbye just yet. In fact, he just moved to the show’s Grand Finals and is one of the show’s best contenders.

In the semi-finals, Marcelito sang “Con Te Partiro” (Time to Say Goodbye), as previously recorded by Andrea Bocelli and Sarah Brightman. The Pinoy singer wowed the audience and the judges anew because of his jaw-dropping dual-voice clarity. He sounds so good that you actually think you hear Bocelli singing together with another woman – but coming from just one person.

Marcelito Pomoy’s Semi-Finals Performance

America’s Got Talent: The Champions is hosted by Terry Crews with judges Howie Mandel, Alesha Dixon, Heidi Klum, and Simon Cowell. It brought back previous winners, finalists, and other notable entries from various countries including Marcelito Pomoy, the champion from the Philippines.

After Marcelito’s semi-finals performance, the judges share unanimous praise. Howie Mandel said “I believe that you have the best shot of winning this whole thing. You know this is the semi-finals. You raised your game… you went up a notch.” “Absolutely brilliant song choice. It really enabled you to shine,” said Alesha Dixon. Heidi Klum said “I’ve been waiting all day for you to come onto the stage. For me, you are my favorite. It just blows my mind.” Simon Cowell, the toughest of all the four judges said, “Marcelito there is no denying, you have a unique, incredible special talent. So if you make the final, I think you’ve got to take a bigger risk because the surprise is now over. But I do believe that with a gift like you’ve got, you got a massive career ahead of you.”

MJ Felipe interviews Marcelito

In an online video interview with MJ Felipe, an ABS-CBN Entertainment Journalist, Marcelito shares that he is jumping for joy because he did not expect to make it to the grand finals. He adds that contestants were asked to submit a list of songs and it was up to the show’s production to decide which ones will make it to the episodes. When he was told to sing “Con Te Partiro” for the semi-finals, he was experiencing chest pains and asked if he could do a different song. However, since the music arrangement was already finished, he had to do it despite his condition. Thankfully, he was able to sing it with the help of prayers.

He is extremely happy that as a true blue Filipino he is very excited about the grand finals and is up to the challenge to compete with other champions and grand winners. He is praying hard that he wins but is already very happy that he made it to the finals and will accept what God gives him. He adds that he is very grateful for the support of all Filipinos.

According to Wikipedia, The Champions‘ contest, compared to the usual format of the show, is not held live. Votes for the best performer are done under a different system, plus episodes are pre-recorded and aired a few months after the competition has ended. This season’s grand finals is expected to aid in the coming days. Stay glued to PalabasTayo for updates.

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