BMG has released The Swearing Jar (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) with music by Timothy Williams. The 21-track album features songs with music and lyrics by Kate Hewlett. 

Williams comments, “The Swearing Jar was such a beautiful project to be invited onto as it featured a fantastic script and songs by Kate Hewlett, and an incredible cast: Adelaide Clemens, Patrick J. Adams, Douglas Smith, and Kathleen Turner. As I was producing the songs, it allowed me to conceive of the score weaving in and out and providing a dramatic through line to this poignant film about love and loss.”

Hewlett states, “The Swearing Jar movie started with a play. And that play started with a song. When I look back at the epic adventure of getting this film made, I remember it in songs: the year we took the play to New York and Chris Stanton and I wrote a duet that would end up changing the storytelling; seeing The Winter’s Tale on stage in Montreal and plucking a speech from it that would become a crucial moment in the story; a director asking me to write a song for the credits that included every swear word in my arsenal… which ended up being the very first scene in the film! Then… of course… hearing Tim’s stunning score for the first time and knowing we were making something really special.”

‘The Swearing Song’ won Achievement in Music – Original Song at the Canadian Screen Awards.

The Swearing Jar

Maite Bursic, VP, Film/TV Music Publishing Creative, states: “We are thrilled to be the distributing partner on the soundtrack release of The Swearing Jar and have the privilege to work with such a creative team. Big congrats on the CSA win and thank you for the heartfelt adventure!”

The Swearing Jar premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival in 2022. It was produced by Jane Loughman of Monkeys & Parrots in association with Middle Child Films & Farpoint Films. It was directed by Lindsay MacKay. Production was supported by Telefilm Canada and Ontario Creates – who also supported the release of this soundtrack album. 

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