2019 may not be the best year for some, but for Alex, the year tore him to pieces. It is but normal for one to feel down and out. Sometimes it is easier to just run away, stop trying, and stop believing in yourself. Luckily, with a little bit of help, Alex Diaz bounces back with a video entry in his blog that is currently moving and inspiring others.

The controversy he was in last October, forced him to reveal his true self, take an immediate break, and retreat to his home and family in Canada. He continued vlogging and this most recent one posted on January 6, he recapped the highlights of the year that just passed.

We know Alex as a very eloquent young man. In his batch, he was one of the few who got regular hosting jobs and even bagged a gig as a VJ. So his speech in the vlog comes to no surprise as a well-delivered, if not well written by him (Kudos to whoever wrote it). Watch and see what an inspiring content this is. It sure moved us, and we are pretty sure it can be helpful for others too. Here is the transcript:

There’s a saying that I read online somewhere that goes something like this: When you’re afraid, that’s when you jump. Otherwise, you’ll be stuck in the same place your whole life. When you’re looking forward you can never really accurately assess why certain things happen. In your life or in a year alone, you can be taken through the highest of mountains, only to be dropped into the deepest of valleys. I feel like this is what happened to me this year. 2019 literally chewed me up and spat me out.

When you’re afraid, that’s when you jump. Otherwise, you’ll be stuck in the same place your whole life.

I started the year on a mission – to make this the greatest year I’ve ever had. Mentally, spiritually, and career-wise as well. But the thing about life is that until you’ve figured out what’s wrong with that inner child, until you’ve unconditioned all of the band-aid solutions in your life up until this point, you won’t be able to move forward. It’s only when you truly healed, that progress can be made.

I bagged my first international project this year. I remember claiming this every single year in showbiz and I knew that this had to be my phoenix moment – rising from the ashes. But no matter what success comes into your life, you’ll never truly be fulfilled, will you? Until you’ve fixed the fragments within. It’s only then that these victories, matter. And it’s only then that these vicious cycles that we’ve loathed so much, are finally undone, broken.

2019 literally chewed me up and spat me out.

And so the culmination of my five years of hiding and 10 years of self-loathing came to pass this October. Yeah. The universe was tired of me hiding from my true potential, dulled by all the effort I put in to being something, everything for everybody else. I was thrust to the fire and the remnants of everything I had, everything I was, burned to rubble. And it was from those very same honest ashes, that I truly felt my first rise into not just adulthood but into sanity, into bravery, into courage.

There are tons of other dimensions to Alex Diaz but it was that one aspect that was hindering me from making leaps and bounds in every aspect of my life. And now, with nothing stopping me, 2020 is mine for the taking.

To everybody I gained in 2019, I cherish you and I’m thankful for all of the hands that were held through such trying times. My fans, your messages in the hundreds of thousands, are absolutely and positively the reason I am standing here today. Please, never underestimate the power you have to change someone’s life.

My family, thank you for holding me as I gather the strength to stand tall once more. To my management – Tito Ericson, Kuya Mac, CJ, and Kuya Jeff. You have seen my demons ten-fold and I can never repay you for betting on me on the days where even I didn’t wanna bet on myself.

to the year that’s gonna come to pass, scare me if you can. ‘Cause, I’m jumping either way.

To everyone I am leaving behind in 2019, thank you. Thank you for teaching me the value of loss and redirection. For far too long I’ve held on to things that weren’t meant for me. All because I was afraid to reach out and grab the things that were. Consider this one last look over my shoulder. Watch me change the world.

And last but not least, to the year that’s gonna come to pass. Scare me if you can. ‘Cause, I’m jumping either way. Let’s do this. Happy New Year’s!

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