CNN reported that at this Sunday’s Golden Globes 2020, almost 1,300 glittering guests will be served a pre-show dinner fit for Hollywood’s greatest. The feast will have zero meat and completely plant-based. The decision was made by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association with consideration and concern for climate change.

Golden Globes 2020 
Photographer Leslie Grow, Beverly Hilton Exec Chef Matthew Morgan
Photographer Leslie Grow, Beverly Hilton Exec Chef Matthew Morgan

In a statement to CNN, Lorenzo Soria, president of the organization said, “the climate crisis is impossible to ignore and after speaking with our peers, and friends in the community, we felt challenged to do better,”. He adds, “The decision to serve an entirely plant-based meal was embraced by our partners at the Beverly Hilton, and represents a small step in response to a big problem.

The Beverly Hilton has played host to the Golden Globes 49 times and for the last 45 consecutive years.

Matthew Morgan, The Beverly Hilton’s Executive Chef told CNN, “our talented culinary team is excited to create dynamic plant-based offerings for Hollywood’s best of the best,”.

Meat has been taken off the menu but luxury will not be compromised by executive chefs Matthew Morgan and Thomas Henzi.

Guests will be served a vibrant chilled golden beet soup topped with shaved candy-striped beets and pistachios.

Golden Globes 2020 King oyster mushroom & scallops rest on a bed of risotto
King oyster mushroom “scallops” rest on a bed of risotto

Mushrooms are taking the main course center stage, featured in King Oyster mushroom “scallops” and wild mushroom risotto.

In a final flourish, a vegan opera dome dessert will provide a sweet ending.

The culinary team is composed of 11 chefs, 120 culinary staff, 50 bartenders, 160 stewards and 250 servers. They will try to ensure the night’s meal and each of the hotel’s five after-parties go off without a catch.

Soria said in a statement that, in addition to zero-meat meals in the pre-show dinner, Golden Globes 2020 is also eliminating single-use plastic and water bottles.

“We’re hoping to raise awareness around small changes that can have a greater impact,” he said. “We know awards shows have a long way to go, and we all can do better.”

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